Take Me Back to London

London is my most favorite city of all the cities.  I love it so much that we decided to visit again this year.  Little did I know at the time of booking our trip, big things were in store for 2020 beyond any of our control.  We landed at Heathrow Airport at the very beginning of the Coronavirus outbreak in the UK, at that time, I’m not even sure if it had hit the United States, yet.  We did enjoy a great flight over to London, with very little crowds.  While we were enjoying the city and all it has to offer, the situation quickly deteriorated both in the United States and the United Kingdom.

I think we were in the city the last semi-normal week at the beginning of the month.  Due to the virus, there were significantly reduced crowds everywhere we went. Going to Covent Garden and SoHo, there was virtually no one in the streets.  Attractions and restaurants were still open, but people were being very cautious not to overcrowd and keep their hands clean.

Once we arrived, I was quickly reminded why I love London so much.  Beautiful architecture, pristine subways, amazing shopping, delicious cuisine, and history oozing through each hidden alleyway.  It’s a truly regal city and I couldn’t wait to explore even more than I had four years before.







Check back for other upcoming posts about the great new places were able to visit on this most recent trip to London!


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