Don’t Let Humidity Put a Damper on Your Summer

Summer heat is a huge issue for those that live in this part of the United States. Humidity can put a huge damper on your overall comfort as well as your health. In the summer months, it can make the heat feel even worse, causing you to feel extremely irritable, unwell, and lethargic. While many of us think of humidity as heavy and sticky outdoor air, it’s also just as important to consider your home’s indoor humidity level. How can we do this? There are a few tips and tricks below to help you and your loved ones feel comfortable.


  • Seal It Out – No matter how tightly you control the climate of your home, outdoor elements can easily throw off your efforts. Instead of allowing the humid outdoor air seep into your home, look for places that it might be coming in. How can you do it? Start by looking at your home’s doors and windows where the moisture is most likely to find it’s way inside. You can also put your hand near and around your doorframe and windows to feel if any air is coming in. Caulk in the cracks and other areas that might invite humid air indoors. If you think there is more than what you are trying to do yourself, ask how you can address the problem with a professional. 


  • What’s The Ideal Temperature – The magic range for an ideal indoor humidity is between 30 and 50%. If you have too much moisture in the air, it can make it extremely uncomfortable, not to mention the damaging effects it can have on your home. Too much of it can cause mold and crate condensation within the walls. It can also lead to structural damage. On the other hand, if you don’t have enough, this also can trigger allergies, asthma plus damage your wood floors. Find a balance of what keeps everyone comfortable within your home. 


  • Calling In The Experts – If you are unsure what you need to do or how to properly do it to the best of your ability, call in an expert to help you. If you live in the New Jersey area, call a local and highly recommended business called Nash Everett. One of the biggest concerns as I shared before was having mold in our home. Thankfully, the professionals are one of the best mold removal in the Marlboro area so I knew I had found someone who could assist me. Their employees have the proper and knowledgable training and better yet, the best up to date equipment to handle the situation with ease. 


thumbnail_Nash Everett copy

  • Use An Air Conditioner – When you have an air conditioner, it naturally helps reduce the indoor humidity because it’s introducing cooler air while also removing the warm humid air. Air conditioners have built-in dehumidification devices and cooling systems that are designed to lower the temperatures and help moderate the humidity level to keep you comfortable. 


  • Take Cooler Showers –  Who doesn’t love taking a super hot shower? While it may feel great, hot showers also equals humid air. If you do need to take a hot shower, the first thing you need to do is turn on your exhaust fan to make sure that all that moisture stays out of your bathroom. Lowering the temperature of your showers by just a few degrees won’t add as much steam to the air which also helps the humidity levels. Did you know that taking a cold showers wakes you up quicker, allows your brain to stimulate and thus starting your day on a better foot rather than staying in a hot shower for a half-hour at a time? 


  • Dry Your Laundry Outside– There are several articles of clothing that we don’t put in the dryer. In the winter, we can use indoor drying racks but in the summertime why not put those damp clothes outside in the humid air. Use a drying rack or a clothing line to do this. If for some reason your only option is to hang your clothes indoors, it might be wise to purchase a dehumidifier to help with any must smell that might arise.


There are many other ways to help lower the humidity within your home then what is shared here. If you ever at a standstill on what you should do to help your family, you should call a professional to assist you with your questions, concerns, and answers your seeking. A business run by a family man such as Gary Szymanski who only wants the best for all of his customers.



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