Creating Your Own Backyard Paradise

Summer is in full swing here in New Jersey! Bring on the BBQ, neighborhood gatherings, and all the entertainment we can handle while being outside. Before you decide to host everyone over, be sure to take a look at your own backyard. One of the biggest eyesores a homeowner can have within their community is poor landscaping. While you could attempt to do it yourself, it might be best to leave it to the professionals who know how to tidy up and make your home inviting to those that come by. Landscapers have the knowledge, experience and tools to create the landscape you need or prepare it for your hosting days ahead. To help you find the best landscaper in your area, here are a few essential tips to follow and questions to ask regarding your landscaping needs.


  1. References From Trust Worthy Friends – If you walk around your neighborhood and see a well-kept lawn that you admire, why not ask your neighbor who they hired. You might also ask any friends or family in the area if they have had any luck with a landscaper recently. Another idea is to check online for approved contractors who have been screened and rated by homeowners in your area, which can save ou effort on checking if you feel they are appropriate for your needs and save you time.


  1. Look For Past Projects – A way to tell if you like what the landscaper has done in the past is to look on their website or ask for past projects they’ve worked on. It’s easy to talk about what they can do to transform your property but it’s another to visually bring it to life. Looking at these past projects, it’s important to ask questions as to how timely was it, cost, and were there any issues or problems that occurred along the way. If there were, how did they handle the situation?


  1. Have Multiple Bids – Once you find a few businesses that you like, you’ll want to have each come out and offer you what they can do and give you a bid. You should never hire from the first one that can come out and see you. Explain what you want to have done, they should give you an estimate and the numbers will vary from business to business. You can compare the bids at the end of the day for various projects you want accomplished. Also, be sure of any company that ‘low balls’ a bid because this could be a sign of a low paying job or any hidden fees that might have hidden. Trust your gut and be confident in the landscaper you pick for the job.



Image: Onorato Landscaping

  1. A Quality Professional – Similar to not hiring the first person to call you back, but make sure that whoever is landscaping your front or backyard, that they are a qualified professional. One example of this in the New Jersey area is called Onorato Landscaping. They understand the value and quality of what it means to hire the right company to do the job right the first time. Their friendly staff offers a full-service landscaping, hardscaping and lawn service company that delivers value to both commercial and residential customers. They have over 10 years of experience and their mission to over-deliver in every phase of the work they provide- from the meeting until the project is complete- is one that I can get behind. Including landscaping, they also build fire pits in Bergen County! If you’re looking to bring your backyard from drab to fab, this company sure seems like the one to do it for those summer gatherings!


  1. Be Specific – It can be easy to get caught up in the excitement of finally getting your yard to look great again but keep in mind, you want to be extremely specific on what you want accomplished when working with these professionals. What type of equipment and materials will you be using? Can you provide me with any sketches for the project before we even begin? Do you need a deposit and how much do you need before beginning? What does the timeframe look like and what happens if the project is not completed in time? These questions are what you want to be sure are answered to the best of their ability before giving the green light and signing a contract.


When it comes to summer, hopefully, your time is spent relaxing with loved ones and enjoying the oasis that your backyard has to offer. Hiring the perfect and trustworthy landscaping company can pay off big not only for your family but your neighbors as well. You can’t go wrong with a company like Onorato Landscaping and I’d love to hear some of your do’s or don’t’s if you’ve hired a company to help assist you in designing, creating or bringing your ideas for your landscape to life.



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