Why Having A Quality Roof Is Essential To Your Home

Did you know that the roof of your home is one of the most fundamental parts of it? It’s surprising how often homeowners actually overlook this including the maintenance and care of this structure. Rather then waiting until you have a major issue occur, your roof should be inspected routinely by a professional company. Why is that? There are a few reasons below to share why having a quality roof is essential to your home. 

  1. Comfort and Energy Efficient– A roof that is on top shape should have great insulation and proper ventilation. This keeps the inside of your home temperature at a steady number. It also keeps your home comfortable and you can cut down on energy costs. Remember when you had the worst sleep of your life because you were either too hot or too cold? That might have to do with the ventilation system in your home not being properly insulated, causing not only you to feel your worst but also your home too. 
  1. Protection During All Seasons – IF your roof is in poor condition, it leaves the rest of your home to weather damage. When your roof is cared for, it will protect your home from the harsh weather and the elements surrounding it. Let’s say you live in the south for example. You are prone to harsh winds from hurricanes, large amounts of rain and wind as well as the sun’s powerful rays. This is something that you’ll really want to consider having someone come and inspect before hurricane system occurs. You wouldn’t want your roof to be blown off by powerful storms and wind causing you more money out of your pocket if only you had just gotten it inspected and small issues fixed prior. 
Peter’s Roofing

  1. Curb Appeal– You might not think it but your roof has some curb appeal to it. When your roof has tears and signs of wear, it detracts from your home’s overall apparance. The roof is one of the most prominent features and a beautiful, well kept home will add some great curb appeal when friends, neighbors and your family stop in. To make your roof stand out, monthly maintenance such as checking on the gutters to make sure that the leaves and debris are cleared out, no broken branches are cluttering on the roof and all of the shingle flaps are properly in place. 
  1. Health Concerns– When you take the time to take care of your roof, it can help reduce the chances of serious issues in the long run. It will also help you locate any small issues before they turn into bigger ones. If you spot anything that you think could be a concern, it is important to contact a roof repair company right away. If you notice any water spots in ceilings or dark spots on your ceiling, this could also become a health concern including mold. 
  1. Type Of Roof- There are many types of materials you can use to build a roof and sometimes the you use might be better in certain environments. In general, darker roof’s take up more energy becuase they get super hot with the sun. Decide on a lighter roof to use to help save some energy costs in the years ahead. The msot common shingle roofing is called composite shingles and are found on most 80% of homes. These are organic or fiberglass base that is saturated with asphalt and coated on the bottom.
Peter’s Roofing

Now the big question is once you figure out that your roof needs to be looked at, you need to also find a quality professional to help you. If you live in New Jersey one business you’ll want to call is called Peter’s Roofing. They install high qualtiy residential roofing to many residents and offer free estimates for EPDM roofing services. Their expert estimators can help determine which roof is best for your home and your budget. All of their EPDM installations are covered by a full warranty and manufacturer guarantee. They complete the project on time and within budget as well as take care to prevent any damage to lawns, bushes, trees, or flowers on your property. They also make safety a top prioroti y and have earned an impeccable safety record. They have experience of several years as well as a team of roofers with the knowledge to meet demands which is why they continue to get asked to help time and time again. 

6. Home Value

A good-looking roof is a selling point that increases a home’s value. Potential buyers are wary of buying a home that has an older roof or one that may need repairs. A roof that is in newer, well-maintained condition can significantly increase the value of your home.

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