2020 Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts For the Home

I don’t know about you, but gifts for the home make me super happy. For me, that’s what I always love to get. Filling our space with great items is such a boost to our psyche and an expression of who we are. This year, especially, after spending so much time in our homes, it’s fun to change things up and add some new decor.

Looking to create a bright spot in your home? It’s easy to add some gorgeous color with any of Debby Neal’s art. This talented artist has a wide array of pieces that will be sure to make an incredible gift this holiday season. I’ve seen her work up close and it’s amazing. She created a piece for me, taking her inspiration from her love of mid century design. When I asked her about the piece, she told me,”It is handcrafted using earth friendly latex inks and the warm colors are designed to be uplifting and inspiring, creating a cozy, unique vibe.” She definitely accomplished that goal and the spot where I put her art in my home warms my soul every time I see it. Check out her site to see her beautiful talents put to canvas and consider her art for your loved ones for the holiday season. www.debbyneal.com

T&K Reclaimed Wood Art & Decor on Etsy is one of my very favorite shops! Look at this amazing craftsmanship! Whether you are looking for a unique statement piece of art or something functional like a coat or jewelry rack, this shop has what you are looking for. I adore this large reclaimed wood piece in teals and purples and it looks amazing on the wall! I love the beauty of it! I can’t even begin to describe to you how incredibly substantial these pieces are and how fantastic they look in person. You will want to have them for yourself! Be sure to check out all the beautiful creations available now online.

I recently moved to a new home and I realized that the house numbers on the house were old and outdated. Looking around the neighborhood, I realized that the subdivision all had the same uniform look. Which, I am sure at one time was perfectly adequate. I was looking for something just a bit more, though. When I found etsy shop ACFMetals I knew I had found exactly what I was looking for. Rather than going to the local big box store and finding the numbers to replace the current ones, I realized that for about the same cost, a custom made design could be had instead, instantly upgrading the curb appeal of the house. With so many designs to choose from, I knew this was the way to go. Shop owners Brian and Amy created a beautiful address plaque designed with the specifications I selected and I couldn’t be more thrilled with how it turned out. Now, it’s all I notice when driving on the street. Let me tell you, there are a lot of address numbers throughout that need some updating. This is a great gift that the recipient will absolutely love! Check out their shop on Etsy to see for yourself all the designs they offer!

Some of the things I love to decorate my house with remind me of travel. My two favorite cities, London and New York, are now far away from my home and new adventures await me living on the opposite side of the United States. But, these prints from MetropolisPrints will be great reminders to me of some of my favorite destinations when I can’t be there. These clean lines are really nicely done and look great framed on the wall. I also love the destination departure boards which can be personalized to list your favorite cities or cities you would like to visit. These are great gifts for those who love to travel! Be sure to check out this fun shop on Etsy!

I mentioned before how much I love to travel and decorate with things that remind me of where I have been. Many days over the last couple of decades have found me on the New York subway system. Happy times were had in abundance and I’ve stared at a subway map way more than I ever could have imagined. It’s fun now to see the complex system mapped out in a sophisticated way and turned into a piece of art, framed for me to enjoy. Thanks to ModernMaps, a wide variety of city subway maps and mountain ski trails can be gifted for a unique way to capture wonderful shared memories and experiences. A truly personal gift that will evoke great feelings! Be sure to check out all their offerings at www.modernskimaps.com and etsy.

Looking for cool ways to add some pizazz to your surroundings? Check out Gadfly Goods. This awesome Etsy shop is loaded with creative wood cut wall hangings and designs. I love the geometric cutouts that can be customized with any background color. It looks incredible! These are great gifts for anyone, with tons of choices to match any decor. You will not be disappointed with the high quality creations!

The gift of a clean home is always amazing! It brings peace of mind and makes one happy. Especially when you spend so much time at home, right? I love very clean floors and with the POWERSERIES Extreme Cordless Pet Vacuum from Black & Decker, achieving a super clean floor in seconds is attainable. This low profile, cordless vacuum is extremely powerful and easy to maneuver. This is one of the very first vacuums that I’ve been able to easily vacuum the stairs–no cords, no heavy canister to drag up and down. The brush area is the perfect size for the stairs, too and it thoroughly grabs anything it comes in contact with, which is especially wonderful if you have pets! The battery lasts a long time, enabling you to clean large areas multiple times. I love having this vacuum to use for everyday cleaning, as it keeps my home nice and tidy. I highly recommend this vacuum for you! Be sure to check it out online.

Is a new TV in your future? If so, or even if you just want to upgrade the look of your existing set, be sure to pick up a TV mount from Mounting Dream! Before moving, I always just used a regular entertainment center and, to be honest, had no idea that a TV mount would make any difference whatsoever. I was wrong! Mounting a TV to the wall creates an entirely different viewing experience! The room seems bigger, there is more space and everything is so streamlined. Instantly upgrades a room and changes the entire perspective of TV watching. I don’t think I could ever go back to what I had before. It’s easy to install and there are a wide variety of mounts available, depending on the specifications you need. You will love the upgrade!

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