2020 Holiday Gift Guide:A Good Night’s Rest

2020 hasn’t given us too many reasons to sleep easy, has it? Well, we’ve got some great gift ideas to help give you a good night’s sleep despite everything going on in the outside world!

A good foundation is key to getting some great sleep, and My Green Mattress definitely knows how to achieve that. We love the products from this small family-owned and operated business from Chicago! All organic sleep options from mattresses to accessories can be found here, created by a father who knows the importance of every member of the family getting some rest. I love and highly recommend their mattress toppers that can turn an existing mattress into a heavenly retreat, making you feel as if you were floating on clouds. It’s amazing! Be sure to check out their site and pick one up for someone you love–and yourself while you are at it!

Before heading to bed, a great idea is to unwind and relax. Maybe a massage would be just what the doctor prescribed? Well with the hassle of COVID restrictions, that really isn’t all that fun anymore. But who says you have to leave your home to have a great massage? We love these Basalt massage stones from Etsy shop Koltosebymash. Super affordable and easy to use, these stones can be heated for a great massage you can give or receive, or even use on easy to reach places by yourself. I know at the end of the day, my feet appreciate these! This is a great personal gift that will be used time and time again!

When it comes time to snuggling under some very cozy covers, my favorite thing to do is turn on a soothing sound machine from HoMedics. Available in a variety of models, this is my must-have night time ritual. The sounds lull me into a relaxed state and I can close my eyes and fade away into sleep. I love the white noise, but an array of nature sounds can be chosen, as well. You can even pick a model that is a sound machine and diffuser, the SoundSpa Slumber, in one! Then you can really create the spa-like atmosphere in your own home. HoMedics has some amazing essential oils to put in their diffusers, including the Holiday 12 Pack Oil Gift Set, a great holiday gift!

*products were received to facilitate a feature, all opinions are my own*

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