2020 Holiday Gift Guide: Foodie Gifts

Christmas time is a great time to indulge in special treats, for sure. It’s also a great time to give food-related gifts to the people on your list. We’ve got some favorites to share with you!

Living in New Jersey, I’ve been spoiled with some amazing fresh mozzarella. There’s nothing quite like it and I love it so much! On the other side of the country, it’s not so easy to find, which makes this girl a little sad. Well, a lot sad, actually. No worries now because Uncommon Goods has me covered. That’s right, they sell an incredible Italian Cheese Kit! What is that, you ask? A box loaded with everything I need to make my very own Italian cheese–Marscapone, Ricotta, Ricotta Salata, Mozzarella, Bocconcini and Burrata! I’m in heaven. I knew 2020 was the year to pick up some new hobbies and skills, little did I know I would be able to end it knowing how to make my very own delicious cheese! This is a great gift for anyone who wants to learn a new skill and eat some yummy cheese!

Speaking of honing new skills this year, quarantine certainly gave the opportunity to try my hand at many new things. One of which is making my own vanilla! Who knew that making your own vanilla extract could end up saving a bundle and taste ten times better than store bought? Well, now that I do, I’ve decided sharing that extract with friends and family would make an amazing gift! To put the perfect touch on gifting a bottle of extract, I enlisted the help of Etsy retailer CarolineBockDesigns. Her labels add the perfect touch for any gift. I love that for the vanilla labels, it lists the ingredients and makes the bottle look so put together. You can find all sorts of great items at her shop that you can customize just for your needs. I highly recommend working with Caroline, she is wonderful!

Another fantastic gift I’d recommend this year are the delicious treats found at MarieBelle New York. These luxurious chocolates are the perfect gift to lift some spirits and add holiday cheer to anyone’s day. You have to try the Aztec hot chocolate–it’s not just a drink, it’s an experience! You can make this hot chocolate European style, American style or actually turn it into a dessert. And the chocolates? Almost too beautiful to eat…..almost. They are scrumptious! This makes a beautiful gift that the receiver will absolutely adore!

Churros…yum! Have you ever had one? There is nothing quite like a piping hot cinnamon-sugar, caramel filled churro on a cold winter day in New York City. Some amazing memories fill my mind when I think back to all the trips into the city where we happened to come across a churro vendor. So delicious! Wouldn’t it be amazing to create that delectable treat at home? I have to admit, it seems pretty daunting. I’m not the most talented when it comes to baking and churros looks somewhat complicated. OR SO I THOUGHT! San Diablo, makers of delicious churros in Utah have made it so that people all over can recreate these tempting treats in the comfort of their own homes. Amazing, right? They now sell churro makers and kits where you have everything at your fingertips needed to create a super delicious churro in your own kitchen. I am all about that! Learning new skills, making delicious desserts, and spending time with the family creating memories–definitely sign me up for that! So affordable and so easy, these churro makers are the perfect gift this holiday season for those that like yummy treats! Check out their line of products and order some for friends, neighbors, yourself….the list goes on and on!

*product was received to facilitate a feature, all opinions are my own*

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