2020 Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for Kids

American Girl dolls are always a great gift! We especially love Courtney Moore, this historical doll from 1986. As a huge fan of the 80s (it’s a decade near and dear to my heart) Courtney could have been me as a little girl in style and interest. I love her acid washed jean skirt, hot pink leggings and her portable personal cassette player! This special doll will be an amazing gift this holiday season. You can pick up her fun accessories to make the doll complete. Learn more about her at online.

Speaking of 18 inch dolls, you should definitely check out Etsy retailer CindysDollShop. Cindy was inspired by the hum of her mother’s sewing machine as she made clothes for her and her sisters.  Those talents were passed on from mother to daughter and then some, as Cindy has opened her own shop specializing in fun accessories that fit the needs of doll lovers everywhere.  I love her sleeping bags and bean bag chairs and super adorable polymer handmade foods.  You can find so many great items in her shop–check it out!

In the year 2020, when everything has gone virtual, we are all about things that are not! We love the idea of breaking out this easy to set up pickleball set and getting active with the family! You will love the ease of set up to play this game anywhere! It’s a great way to spend time together as a family and get moving at the same time! Worried about the game being hard to play–no fear, it’s simple and fun! This Instant Pickleball set from Hammacher Schlemmer includes all but the two players it can accommodate. Order your set now for lots of outdoor fun

We love the idea of being outdoors and being active, rather than being confined to a screen.  That’s why we love anything from Swagtron! Their amazing scooters are the perfect gift to get kids of all ages outside and exploring.  The K1 Kick Scooter is the perfect scooter to have.  It’s adjustable, unisex, and comes in lots of bright colors, it even has a kickstand! It’s lightweight and easy to maneuver, the perfect on the go scooter! Not only does it work for younger ages, it can actually work really well for teens–which I see all over the place where we live.  This is not just a fun way to get around, it’s a great way to socialize! For those that are just beginning to figure out the wonderful world of scooters, Swagtron has them covered, too! I love the K2 Kick Scooter for toddlers which turns from a balance trike to a very first scooter.  It’s easy to figure out and the perfect gift to start out the littlest of riders.  I highly recommend Swagtron for all your scooter needs!

PAW Patrol is where it’s at and Spinmaster will have your kids absolutely loving these fun loving playsets this holiday season! Check out these super fun PAW Patrol must-haves! The PAW Patrol Chase Ultimate Police Cruiser has everything you need for the perfect rescue with four mini vehicles included! Lots of room for pups and lots of extras like flashing lights–this will be a huge hit this year! We also love the all new motorized PAW Patrol Dino Rescue Dino Patroller–push a button and it is on it’s way to rescue wherever it needs to go!

Clixo is the newest building craze that takes creativity to a new level. These building toys have the ease of building blocks, the flexibility of origami, and the strength of magnetic hold. Totally intriguing, right? Open a box and start playing and you will be hooked!

To me, fewer things are as timeless as Batman. My son absolutely adored Batman, who am I kidding…he was Batman! It’s fun to see that the love of Batman lives on in younger generations today. Spinster’s 3 in 1 Batcave Playset is an amazing gift this year. I love that one side is Gotham City and the other is the Batcave. You can separate them or play with them together, maximizing the fun. There are also 3 levels to this set! Lots of action to be had with this playset with ziplines, jail cells, secret escapes and more. You can purchase extra action figures like the Joker, but it also comes with an exclusive Batman figure. This set is an absolute favorite!

Love wooden toys? We do, too! The classic and long lasting gift can be passed on for generations! We love the beautiful craftsmanship of Etsy shop Royalwoodcraft. These high quality creations will become beloved in no time!

Who wouldn’t love an adorable puppy to adopt at Christmas? Rescue Tales from Little Tikes takes all the hard work out of adopting a puppy. Perfect for boys and girls ages 3 and up, these cuddly plush pups can do all sorts of things that real dogs can do, without the total responsibility of one. They wag their tails, nod their heads, and make realistic puppy sounds! We love these cute pups and think everyone will want to adopt one this holiday season!

Remote controlled vehicles are always a blast to play with, but can easily get complicated for little hands. That’s why we love the Little Tikes Shark Strike RC. It’s easy to completely control this remote controlled shark that can do all sorts of stunts and tricks, all the while chomping and playing music. This is a great toy for those 3 and older and will make a huge splash this holiday season!

LOL Surprise has all sorts of fun gadgets for those that want to tinker with tech and play with dolls at the same time. Enjoy the familiarity of favorite LOL Surprise characters and start to feel a little more grown up with fun products like LOL Smartwatch, Camera and Game that has a ton of interactive features. I’m impressed to tell you there are two cameras for videos and selfies, with room for 3000 pictures and 30 minutes of video! The added bonus is there is a built in game to keep kids active and a pedometer to keep track of it all! I love the LOL Surprise wireless earbuds–the battery charges quickly and can run easily for five hours of sound. There is also a built in mic that works great with most phones. It’s super easy to pair and kids will love them!

If you are looking for a great gift check out Orange Art Box. This monthly subscription is jam packed full of different art projects that kids will love to get in the mail. I love hands-on activities that encourage using imagination and creativity, so I especially love these kits. Kids of all ages will love to disconnect from all thing virtual to spend some time doing an activity that they can actually do with their hands. This is a gift that keeps on giving! To find out more, visit their site.

Who doesn’t love to play with cars, especially when they are zipping around on a track? This Nascar Crash Circuit Road Course from Far Out Toys makes a thrilling gift this holiday season. I love that the cars can charge and then speed around the course several times before having to recharge, kind of simulating a pit stop in a Nascar race. If they crash? No worries, the pit crew can repair the cars right away and get them racing again. This set is super fast and super fun! We highly recommend!

Sparkle Girlz Fantasy Collection from ZURU is a set of seven beautiful dolls an a crazy affordable price point. I love the diversity of the dolls, the unique outfits, their beautiful features and the ease of being able to dress the dolls. They are the perfect size for young kids (suitable for ages 3 and up) and I really appreciate their wholesome look! These are great gifts for the doll lover in your life!

As a kid (and as an adult, who am I kidding?) miniature versions of things absolutely made me happy. There’s something so fun about mini things. I know I am not the only one who feels that way and tons of little kids out there share my enthusiasm for scaled-down versions of things. 5 Surprise Mini Brands from ZURU are so much fun, I can’t even….. You can pick up 5 piece surprise packs and each compartment of the pack a new product is unveiled. It’s so freaking adorable. Teeny tiny versions of our everyday shopping items, absolutely too cute! Here’s a warning, though, these surprise packs are addictive, so you’re going to want to collect them all. And then, you will probably need a good place to store them. That’s where the Mini Mart comes into play. This electronic grocery store is the perfect size to house all of these cute grocery products. Stock the shelves, fill your carts, and check out by putting those products on the conveyor belt and bag them up–you can do all those things and more with this cute plates. Hours of entertainment and fun to be had! Check it out!

Dinosaurs your thing? Check out ZURU Smashers Dino Ice Age Surprise! This giant egg is loaded with 25 surprises that you can interact with. Smash eggs open, play with slime, watch them fizz, stretch, freeze or build them. You can collect the Smash-o-Saurs inside. These are so fun, kids will love them!

Surprises are not just for Dino lovers! ZURU has something special instore for unicorn lovers, too! Check out these incredible Rainbowcorn Sweet Shake Surprise! Opening them up, all you can smell is delicate delicious sweet smells. That’s a treat in and of itself! But, no, there is so much more to these surprises than the smell! You can hatch your own talking Rainbowcorn and inside are layers upon layers of surprises! This is the gift that keeps on giving and girls will absolutely adore what’s inside!

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