Buying And Selling a Home in New Jersey

Are you buying and selling a home in New Jersey? I feel for you. It is an extremely hectic and competitive market right now and I bet you are stressed. Follow these 8 tips for buying and selling a home in New Jersey, in order to stress a little less!

Do Home Improvements First

The first step when you go to do any home improvements is to have a professional inspection done on your home. Better to find out what the issues are now than to wait for a buyer’s inspector to uncover them for you, throwing a wrench in your timeline. Once you have the inspection finished, you can do any unseen improvements, and you also need to do the improvements that you knew you needed to do all along. If anything is unsightly, fix it! Once all of the fixes are done, you can set the stage for your potential buyer.

Stage Your Home

Getting your home professionally staged and can help create a warm and inviting atmosphere so prospective buyers can picture themselves living there. Consider hiring a professional cleaning service so everything is spotless and smells nice. And don’t forget curb appeal: you’ll need picture-perfect photos to get your home noticed online.

Price it right

Buyers will pass on a home that’s priced too high, without even taking an up-close look. So what’s the secret to perfect pricing? Start by taking the emotion out of the equation. No matter how much you think your home is worth or what you owe on your mortgage, it’s the market that matters. A real estate agent can run a comparative market analysis to show you how much homes like yours are selling for in your area.

Get Pre-Approved

While you are working on fixing up your home, staging it, and pricing it right, you also need to get pre-approved for a new loan on the home that you are hopefully purchasing! Doing this ahead of time can significantly save you time – and a headache! Jump on it ASAP!

Know What You Are Shopping For

When shopping for a home in a competitive market, know what you are looking for! Do you absolutely need a basement? What about a sunroom? A large backyard? Make sure you only look at homes that check off these boxes. There is no point in wasting time on homes that are not the right fit.

Put In An Offer Above Asking Price

Here is one thing that I am sure will make all of you upset. If you really want a home, the only way to secure it right now is by putting in an offer above asking price. This is unfortunately just the thing to do when you are working with a really competitive market. Don’t worry, though! You are also selling a home in a competitive market, so you can either price your home a bit higher (talk with your agent), or hopefully someone else will put in an offer above asking price. 

Close On The Same Day, If Possible

With the help and coordination of a top-notch real estate pro, you might be able to sell your current home and close on your next home on the same day. However, keep in mind that a same-day closing will require perfect timing on three different timeline – yours, your buyer’s, and your seller’s. Realistically, closings are often delayed for lots of reasons: maybe your buyer has difficulty getting a mortgage, or your home inspector finds issues that need to be fixed before you move into your new home. So don’t rely on selling and buying on the same day. You always need to have a plan B to reduce the gap between closings as much as possible.

One option is a rent-back agreement. As a seller in the current market, you have the power to call some shots that will make timing your move easier. With a rent-back agreement, the buyer of your home agrees to allow you to stay in your home for a period of time (60 to 90 days) after the sale is final. In exchange, you allow for a lower selling price or rent paid to the buyers. This can relieve some of the pressure of finding a temporary place to stay and give you additional time to house hunt. This might sound like a big ask, but buyers in a competitive market are often willing to be flexible with sellers if it means their offer is the one that gets accepted.

Hire Movers To Do The Work For You

Once you finally close on both homes, you may feel as if things will be easier and it’s all downhill from there. But, have you considered the move? If you closed on the say day as your second closing, you are going to have to move your things out of your old home very quickly (and very carefully). That is extremely stressful if you are doing it yourself! That is why I always use professional movers. To save myself time + peace of mind. If you are running low on time – don’t worry! All in One Moving & Storage, Inc. are NJ last minute movers. They are quick, careful, and offer amazing customer service, too! Established in 2005, they were founded on the principle that people need to feel they can fully trust their moving company. Here are some of their services:

  • “Full Packing Service Our trained professionals pack it all – from shoes to the antique armoire.
  • Fragile-Only Packing We pack all the breakable items – china, dishes, mirrors – and give you control of the rest.
  • Standard Self-Pack You do the packing. We’ll give you tips and practices on how to pack efficiently, and our agents stock a range of packing materials.
  • Packing Materials With a huge inventory of boxes of different shapes and sizes, we have specialty packing materials for all your possessions.
  • Loading and Unloading From disassembly and reassembly to residence protection pads and carpet covers, we alleviate any concerns regarding damage.
  • Optional Services Unpacking, Debris Removal, Storage, Crating, and more! Say the word and we’ll take care of it.”

They also give back, which is so important to me! They say, “We are proud supporters of Move For Hunger, transporting any non-perishable food items you’d like to donate to the local food bank. Just set the items aside! Our movers donate their time to pack up and transport your donation, brought to the food bank where it will be sorted and delivered to families in need. More than one million people in New Jersey live on incomes that put them at risk of hunger. 33% of those in need are children.” Needless to say, they care. They care about their clients, their employees, and their community. You could not go with a more professional and experienced team when it comes to your move!

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