2021 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is all about showing those we care about that we love them and are thinking about them, right? Here are some great gift ideas for all the people in your life.

Who doesn’t love to sit and read a good book? One of my favorite things is to do is read to little ones, especially if the books have to do with holidays. Simon and Schuster have some fun board books perfect for your littlest Valentine. Check out these fun new titles: You’re My Little Baby, Be Mine, Porcupine, Little Love, and All You Need is Love (inspired by the great Beatles song!) You’ll love reading them over and over again!

Who doesn’t love sweet treats on Valentine’s? We love these super sweet felt donuts homemade with lots of love and devotion from MasFeltFood, an adorable Etsy shop loaded with adorable items to fuel your child’s imagination and encourage many hours of pretend play. Shop owner Josie is a doll to work with, we highly recommend her shop!

Ok, this is the most adorable thing ever that I wish I had as a kid (or an adult, if I’m honest). This Pocket Mod Petite from Razor is my favorite! There’s no doubt it will quickly become your child’s favorite, too! Easy and fun to ride, this little scooter will get kids outdoors and enjoying the fresh air and away from anything virtual–just what we love! Oh the adventures that will be had on this Euro-styled electric scooter that holds up to 110 pounds. We are swooning over this!!

Funko has a new addition to their line up, loveable Snapsies! These are perfect for ages 6 and up to create their own unique characters. Each container is a surprise and holds varying parts that can snap together to create an adorable character. Different heads, bodies, arms, legs, and accessories are all included. The creative possibilites are endless! Llamas, unicorns and billy goats? You’ve got me loving them! Collect them all to make the most of the fun! You can find these exclusively at Target and they will definitely be loved!

Flowers are synonomous with Valentine’s Day, but unfortunately they end up withering and that’s kind of sad. You know what’s not, though? Getting a gorgeous plant from Bloomscape! To me, that is way better than flowers! You get the best of both worlds, honestly, because you get a beautiful living plant that will continue to brighten your day for a long time to come. I love Bloomscape because you can get expert advice on caring for plants and find just the perfect plant for what you want. I am all about low maintenance plants, myself, and it’s easy to identify the plants that will work best for me. Got a green thumb? That’s cool, too, they have a great assortment of plants for those that want to make the time to nourish the most delicate beauties. I love the Bromeliad Aechmea Pink plant, as it is easy to take care of, has beautiful blooms, and looks so cheerful! Also, it needs to be said that Bloomscape has some of the best customer service I have encountered from a company–they are so helpful!

If mini plants is more your style, consider gifting a Succulent Terrarium Ball! This is a super fun project, perfect for both adults and kids. Putting it together with my kid was both fun and therapeutic, a great way to de-stress and get away from screens. We were able to chat while having a really enjoyable time together, learning a new skill. These were easy for us as beginners and looks great! It might have kick started a new obsession, though! You can find all sorts of great succulents and DIY kits at Simply Succulents.

Want to send a delicious treat to a loved one that will have them overjoyed? Let me recommend the delectable Pamela’s Brownies! Wow, these are such a rich, indulgent treat! So flavorful and delicious, and available in multiple variations, these are a gift that any brownie lover will be thrilled to receive. I’m pretty picky about brownies, as they are not all created equal. However, these are some of the best I’ve had!

We love feeling healthy and keeping our bodies active. I am loving the products found at Bala Bangles to add to fitness routines! Check out these awesome weighted Bala Bangles that can be worn on the wrists or ankles while completing endless activities. They come in varying weights and colors which will make you want to find excuses to wear them! The Bala Power Ring comes in at 10 pounds and can be used in 75 different ways! This versatile weight is something you definitely want to own!

With the crazy year we’ve all had, whether we like it or not, we are somewhat limited in what we can do to celebrate the day. However, there’s nothing stopping us from enjoying quality time in our own homes. I love the idea of doing something fun and new within our own walls. Whether you want to take your significant other and make a date of it or have a party with your kids, Etsy shop DipNPaint has you covered! You can purchase a DIY painting kit and have a great activity–everything you need is all in the box, instructions and all! Lots of different paintings to choose from, you can find just the right one for you. You’ll have a super fun time and have a great memento to place somewhere special in your home. We highly recommend it!

Speaking of great activities you can do in your own home, both as a couple or for a family activity again, be sure to check out Kit2Eat for some kits to create your own chocolate masterpieces at home. Make your own fondue, Nutella, truffles and bars made from the chocolate of amazing French chocolatier Michel Cluizel, hot chocolate bombs and more! Learn new skills and eat delectable chocolates–that’s a Valentine’s Day activity that will be tons of fun! Shop owner Cécile is an absolute delight and will have you become a pro in no time with her curated kits!

I think creating a delicious meal is key on Valentine’s Day. Nothing quite shows someone how much you love them than creating the perfect meal for them, right? Make sure you don’t make a mess by wearing a fun Valentine’s Day themed apron from Etsy shop CustomHGE. We love this apron for the day, but you can choose from a variety of aprons and customize them to your heart’s content!

While cooking up a storm, don’t make a mess of your kitchen! Pick up some of these heart shaped spoon rests to add to your decor and save your counters. Etsy shop Artis4Everyone has great, unique pottery pieces, including these heart shaped spoon rests that I love. You don’t have to use them as a spoon rest, they could be used to hold jewelry or trinkets, too. Either way, these delicate, handmade pottery pieces will add a bright spot to your countertops or dresser. Be sure to check out her shop for other great items!

It wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without some special cards and greetings for those we love. Technology puts a fun spin on traditional handmade cards. Osmo can take the creative process to an entirely new level using the Creative Starter Kit and tablet. You can play games, transform your child’s drawings into animation, and so much more! Hours of learning disguised as entertainment are in this kit and you can create some great Valentine’s in more modern way!

Looking for a fun Valentine you can send a friend or loved one? Check out New Jersey’s own DPSweets on Etsy. This is a super sweet (and yummy!) way to send some cheerful greetings to everyone and anyone. These adorable sugar cookies are decorated for any occasion–be it Valentine’s Day, birthdays, or even to wish someone a quick recovery! You will love these!

Looking for something you can wear for Valentine’s Day that has you feeling beautiful and wonderful? Check out Renee Greenstein’s collection. This brand was totally new to me, but I was excited to check it out. I am loving this Ballerina Mesh Overlay Midi Dress! It is so comfortable and versatile–you can travel with it because it’s wrinkle free, it’s machine washable, and it’s stretchy and comfortable, all while looking extremely feminine and pretty. Pair it with one of her necklaces, like this gunmetal orb necklace and you have a completely unique and great look! For even more holiday-themed appropriate wear, check out the fun patterned Navy Lips tunic!

*products were received to facilitate a feature, all opinions are my own*

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