How to Winterize Your Home

Winter is such a calming but also brutal season. It’s beautiful to see the snowfall from the comfort of your warm home if you took the proper steps to winterize it. What does that mean exactly? Winterizing your home means that you are taking the steps to work on the parts of your home that could turn your house from toasty to frosty. Do you have any drafty doors, windows, or poorly insulated rooms? There are a few simple projects below to help warm up those rooms in no time and keep you comfortable all winter long. 

  1. Close Curtains: So many of us, myself included, enjoy looking out at the landscape filled with beautiful snow. While it’s gorgeous to see sparkle during the day, at night it can be a disaster. The snow makes your home cold and the windows can be a sneaky culprit to bringing the cold air from the outside into your home. Close your curtains, if you have them, to save yourself some heat. If you are needing something to cover your winters and looking for curtains, look for thermal insulation curtains. This traps the cold air a lot easier than thin ones. 
  1. Patio Furniture: If you have any outdoor furniture, there are several things you should do to keep it looking its best. If you have any cushions or fabrics that should be machine washed or hand washed, do so in a large bin with warm water and dishwashing soap. Once they are cleaned, store them in a clean and dry space to prevent any mold or rot from occurring. Similar to cushions, furniture that is hardwood should be able to withstand the cold and snow outside. However, softwoods such as pine or cedar should be indoors or covered to prevent rotting. If you have wicker furniture, you’ll want to also place them indoors. One way to help figure out what to store is taking a photo of it and bringing it to a furniture store to ask what they recommend. 

Image: Tech Services of NJ 

  1. Be Aware of Common Fire Hazards: Staying warm is key within our home but you also want to be cautious about how you are heating and keeping everyone warm. Space heaters are an easy way to do so, but be sure to keep things away from the space heater, specifically about 3 feet. It’s also important to make sure that you have properly working fire alarms in your home in case a fire does occur. Having a professional come to install your fire alarm could save your life. A company called Tech Services of NJ is the one to call. Not only can they properly install fire alarms, but also these alarm technicians also know a thing or two about installing security alarms as well. They are some of the most skilled technicians available, excellent field management resources, and unmatched customer services in the security industry. You can feel comfortable knowing your home is both secure from the cold and intruders all year long. 
  1. Caulking: If you think you feel a draft from a window or a door there are a few things you can do to be sure. Light a candle and move it around the window or door. If you see it flicker, you have a draft there. You can also do this by dampening your hand too. Seal the gap with a latex window caulk or a foam sealant. You’ll still be able to open your window but then you can remove the caulk with a razor blade when the weather turns warmer. One of the biggest areas people forget is the attic! Plug the door with a weatherstrip! This can save your heating bill from $100-$300 this winter! 
  1. Stay Connected: Staying home is key when the weather is bad but you also want to keep your spirits up as well. Depression can hit hard when you are not able to move your body or get outside as often as you’d like. Stay connected with loved ones by zoom calling or Face Timing. Have a meal that everyone can plan and talk together on the call as if you were only a few feet away instead of a few hundred miles. If you are close to family or friends, ask if anyone needs help shoveling their driveway or sidewalk. 

There are many ways to help winterize your home but these few tips can help not only keep you comfortable but also save you money in the long run. Sometimes we love to grab as many blankets as we can and curl up to watch a movie together. It’s also a great time to get out old games that you enjoyed playing during childhood, work on some projects inside, and get excited for warmer weather that’s sure to come soon.

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