Special Delivery

I love getting packages in the mail. It’s something I’ve loved since I was a little girl. I mean, really, who doesn’t love to open up a box addressed just for you with something completely surprising inside? Well, as much as I love that, it doesn’t compare to how much my dog loves it. For years, whenever a package arrives, she loves to jump up to try to push me aside so she can see what’s in the box. Every. Single. Day. Whether it is mail or groceries, my dog is hoping to find that the contents are just for her.

So you can imagine how happy she was when a special orange box arrived one day on our doorstep. The orange box was a monthly subscription box from Bullymake Box, a specialized subscription for power chewers. We brought it inside and instantly….she knew. She knew it was just for her. It doesn’t matter that she can’t read, she could smell it was just for her. She knew there was treasure inside the special delivery from Bullymake Box and she was determined to open it up and find out for herself what lied within. She immediately got to work trying to open the box, because, clearly, I wasn’t doing it fast enough for her.

Once she and I got the box open, we were both thrilled to see it’s contents. It was loaded with so many treats made just for her!

My dog loves toys. But she’s a pretty aggressive chewer, which means a brand new toy for her can be completely destroyed within about 30 seconds. Although, I know it’s 30 seconds she thoroughly enjoys, it doesn’t make me all that happy because I’ve just spent a good amount of money on something that did not last at all. That is something that really makes Bullymake Box toys stand out. They offer nylon, natural rubber, woven ballistic, and heavy duty rope toys. They are all backed with a 14-day durability and satisfaction guarantee (they will replace any destroyed toy or any item your chewer doesn’t love)! Wow–I find that super impressive! So inside her box were three very durable and fun toys that she went ballistic over immediately. You can see she grabbed the rubber bear and got to work chewing on it. She knows a good thing when she sees it!

She loves to throw it in the air and catch it. She plays with all the toys non-stop. She did grab the lips and hide them for later, and every now and then the make an appearance, but then she puts it back for safekeeping for a later time. I love how substantial these toys are because she is getting a lot of use out of them and we are having fun playing with them with her. Each box is custom selected for your dog’s weight to get the right chew toys, which I think is awesome. In fact, you can completely customize the box each month!

But the box is also filled with treats and that is super important. All of their treats are all-natural and grain-free, and they also offer chicken, beef, and grain-free options. My dog is addicted to treats, but I can’t be giving her just anything, as she has a very sensitive stomach. Bullymake Box has any special issues covered, though and will ask you if your pup has any allergies to avoid giving her things she can’t have. These treats were amazing and she loves them more than any other treat we’ve ever gotten.

This subscription box made me and my pup so happy, I have to order more. You can pick from any time frame–one month to twelve–to have set up for your delivery service. The more months you pick, the more of a discount you receive. Bullymake Box ships to the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Finland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland. I can’t rave about their company enough, so go check them out for yourselves!

*product was received to facilitate a feature, all opinions are my own (and that of my dog’s)*

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