Win Ace’s “Back Yard O-ACE-IS” Makeover!

Home restoration was arguably a national obsession last year as millions of Americans had more time than ever before to spruce up their living spaces. Now, with spring upon us and summer right around the corner, this continued trend will once again expand to the backyard. To help homeowners get a jump on their backyard makeovers, Ace Hardware has teamed up with Weber and Scotts to launch a month of in-store discounts and deals, as well as an online sweepstakes. 

“Hope springs eternal and that means a fresh start for your lawn and garden. Timing, the right steps, and the right products can make a world of difference to getting things looking great,” says Lou Manfredini, Ace’s Home and Garden Expert.    

Lou’s 5 tips to get your lawn and garden started this spring: 

  1. Your best friend when it comes to spring clean-up is your rake! Really!  Get outside and start clearing the flower beds, the lawn, behind the shed (if you have a shed) fluff up that lawn and remove all the winter debris from your yard.  Next use a flat bladed spade shovel and define the beds by cutting a clean line around them on a slight angle.  This will help create a barrier so that when you apply new mulch, it stays put.   
  2. Spread new mulch. Before you spread the mulch think about any new plants you may want to install.  Flowers, bushes and so on.  It all depends on where you live but remember the mulch typically is the final dressing.  You many also want to apply some weed control product under the mulch to keep things looking great all season long.  As for the mulch, there are so many type, colors and brands to choose from.  Just remember mulch is like diapers, you always need more.   
  3. Consider using new garden technology this season! If you can cut your lawn in less than an hour, then you are the perfect candidate for a battery-operated lawn mower.  The technology has greatly improved in the last five years.  No oil, no gas, no pollution and they are quite and easy to operate.  You will also find products that share all the same batteries so once you commit to one maker their batteries run a full complement of tools for trimming, edging, cutting, tilling and more.   
  4. Feed you lawn.  If you have bare spots, rough up the soil, add new grass seed, cover with seed starting soil and give it a couple of weeks to germinate.  Then you can start on a 4-step program.  If you follow the right steps, I promise you will have a lawn that looks lush, green and healthy.   
  5. Early spring trimming of bushes and trees will help promote healthy growth and robust shapes from the plants.  Take your time and trim back dead branches, shape the plants appropriately but don’t be too aggressive.  Step back from the plant several feet to make sure you are not giving it a buzz cut which can take a while to grow back.   

How can homeowners enter to win Ace’s “Back Yard O-ACE-IS” makeover by Ace Hardware, Scott’s and Weber worth $5,000 in April?  To enter, visit No purchase necessary. 

About the Sweepstakes: 

Ace’s “Back Yard O-ACE-IS” sweepstakes runs from April 1-April 30, 2021 with a grand prize of a $5,000 shopping spree at Ace for one lucky winner to create their very own backyard oasis. A second prize $500 Ace gift card and a third prize $250 Ace gift card will also be awarded.

About Lou Manfredini: Lou Manfredini is one of the country’s most recognized and trusted TV/Radio home and gardening experts. Lou is the host of HouseSmarts TV, Chicago’s WGN (AM) HouseSmarts Radio program, WABC-AM New York’s HouseSmarts Radio, True Oldies FLA Palm Beach, and is a contributor on NBC’s Today Show. 

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