Earth Day Favorites

Happy Earth Day! We live on such a beautiful planet and it’s important to take care of it always. We wanted to share with you some great everyday products that are sustainable and eco-friendly that we’ve found. Little things add up to big differences over time!

We love toys that are made of felt! Soft and gentle, they are great eco-friendly options for toys for your favorite kids that hold up really well to lots of play. This Jersey girl can’t get enough of amazing pizza, even when it comes to playtime! This adorable felt pizza kit from Etsy retailer Sewing4Madison is enough to make me want to play with it! You have everything you need to create the perfect pizza in your own playroom. This kit has the cutest menu, felt carrier case,pizza crust, sauce, cheese and all the toppings listed in the menu to place just as you desire. Each stitch is perfectly placed and so well made! It will have little hands using their imagination for hours upon hours. I can’t recommend this sweet shop enough! Check out her site for lots of other beautiful, playful creations!

Want to teach your kids how to grow their own food? So much can be learned through hands-on applications with Leaf’D Box education kits and subscripton boxes. The plants in the education kit have been pre-grown, and they arrive ready to be planted in your own backyard within 24 hours and could be the easiest and most rewarding science project ever. I love that the instructions are super simple and thorough, helping you succeed at planting your very own garden in a fool-proof way. I am so excited to watch ours grow! You can’t get more eco-friendly than growing your own garden!

I used to be really bad about using water bottles. We went through a lot of disposable water bottles in our household until each of us got our own reusable tumblers. There’s something to be said about having ice cold water on the go or just whenever you want it. I love these tumblers from Etsy shop JCVinylsShop. We are super patriotic in our home, so I love the insulated woodgrain American Flag one. But there are tons of great reusable and customizable cups in this awesome shop that will suit everyone in your family! When you each have your own designated tumbler, it’s easier to use it consistently. I’ll admit since getting some of her great cups, my water consumption has increased and the plastic bottle has decreased. That’s a win-win, for sure!

We do a lot of entertaining, especially outdoors. I don’t like to leave food uncovered while we are enjoying the outdoors, because in the outdoors is home to lots and lots of bugs, which I never want around my food. But, typically, you can go through a ton of plastic trying to keep things covered. I really love these reusable cloth covers, Halo Dish Covers, that easily fit over plates and dishes, keeping your food fresh and covered up when it needs to be. These covers are available in a variety of patterns and sizes. You can also use these when storing food in the refridgerator, too! I love that when you are finished with them, you can wash them and use them again for your next gathering.

Do you like to have people take their shoes off when they come to your house? I’ll be honest, I hate that more than anything. I’m not comfortable asking that or being asked to do that. However, I totally get the desire to keep your home clean, tidy, and germ free. I’m all about that, actually. Heel Hoodies are the perfect solution for that. These reusable shoe covers can keep the germs out of your home, your floors clean and they are super easy to slip over your shoes. I love them! They are available in several sizes so everyone can use them. I love to use them when I am mopping my floors, as it won’t leave prints on the ground of my freshly cleaned floors. Then, when you are done using these, pop them in the washing machine for the next time you will need to use them. They also sell packing hoodies for keeping your dirty shoes covered in your suitcases when you are traveling! Brilliant! You can find these eco-friendly household must-haves at Etsy shop HeelHoodie.

Speaking of cleaning hacks, I found the greatest cleaning products of all time this year that don’t use any harsh chemicals, just water! When I was having our house repainted, our painter told me about these amazing cloth cleaners that I had to try out to clean my mirrors an windows. She swore that she used to try so many different cleaners and no matter what, she was left with streaks. I knew exactly what she was talking about. So, I took her advice and found the product she was talking about, E-Cloth, and ordered a set of the glass cleaning cloths. After trying out my purchase, I knew I could never go back to spray cleaners again. My mirrors and windows have never looks so spotless. You simply dampen one of the cloths and wipe the surface, and then shine with the other special cloth. You are left with the cleanest surfaces, ever! I’ve been converted, as I have picked up a wide array of other cleaning items from this company and they have all been game changers for me. I highly recommend them!

*products were received to facilitate a feature, all opinions are my own*

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