Kick Off Memorial Day Weekend With a Splash!

I can’t believe that Memorial Day is around the corner! Our school year ends this week and that means summer time is here! Hooray for that!

One of my favorite things about summer is the freedom to play outside, enjoy the sunshine and just have fun with friends, family, and away from screens! After so much virtual everything, we need to get these kids outdoors and using their imagination!

A great way to make that happen and cool off a the same time is by engaging in some good old fashioned fun. Zuru toys has the greatest assortment of items that make this a very easy task. I want to introduce you to some of the great new products that will have your kids laughing, playing, and enjoying those lazy summer days–and probably inspiring you to join in, as well!

Water balloons, squirt guns, and running through the sprinklers were favorites when I was a kid, but Zuru has taken those fun activities and seriously amped them up for today’s generation. They’ve made it easy to help our kids live the kind of summers we were lucky enough to have as kids.

Water fights are always so much fun, but back in my day, squirt guns didn’t reach too far. Those days are long gone now. The X Shot Epic Fast Fill is the perfect way to soak targets out of your reach and have a blast playing with friends. Gather a bunch and you can have an all out neighborhood fight! Or you can grab some Crazy Bunch O Balloons for an epic battle within your neighborhood. Filling up water balloons used to be tedious, but with these you can fill up 100 in 60 seconds! Unbelievable, right? Check out this video for some inspiration for what you can do in your own neck of the woods.

And if that doesn’t cool you off enough, break out the Bunch O Balloons Water Slide Wipeout! This affordable slide can set up quickly and provide hours of entertainment for small and big groups alike. I can’t wait to have fun with this set!

You can pick up all of these great, family-friendly products from retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and Target in plenty of time for Memorial Day weekend. Your kids will thank you!

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