Cooking with Gregory Gourdet

One thing about the past year and a half I have learned, it’s great to carve out time to learn new things. Developing new skills and trying new things has been such an amazing way to spend my time. I have really gotten so much better at cooking than I ever used to be and found that it’s something I thought I hated, but have actually grown to love. Especially when you have the right recipes and tools to help it turn out really well. Before the pandemic, maybe I was too rushed with everyday life pulling me in different directions to really want to learn proper techniques. Once regular life halted, it was a lot easier to take the time to learn and perfect skills.

With a pandemic in place, we all found that we cooked a lot more at home and went out a lot less (if at all). So having a variety of meals to prepare makes a huge difference!

I am super excited to schedule a special opportunity next week to learn from Top Chef star Gregory Gourdet when he teaches a virtual cooking class with Williams Sonoma featuring favorite recipes from his debut cookbook, Everyone’s Table with AnolonX cookware.

Newly introduced and available exclusively at Williams Sonoma and, AnolonX features a unique and patented nonstick technology that sears in flavor to create delicious and healthful dishes, such as Gourdet’s nourishing recipes, which are inspired by his Haitian upbringing, French culinary education, and love of Asian and African cuisine.

While I don’t have a lot of experience eating, or cooking, for that matter, those cuisines, I am confident I will be able to pick up some great-tasting, healthy recipes and I am excited for the opportunity to do so. I hope you will join me!

Everyone’s Table by Gregory Gourdet

Join us for a special evening with Top Chef star Gregory Gourdet as he teaches a virtual cooking class with favorite recipes from his debut book, Everyone’s Table. Hosted by Williams Sonoma, Cooking with Gregory Gourdet will feature Seared Rib Eye Steaks with Korean Barbecue-Style Sauce and Banchan. Ticket price ($37.50) to attend this culinary virtual event, hosted by Williams Sonoma in partnership with Anolon, includes a copy of Everyone’s Table.

Tuesday, July 13 at 5:00 pm PST, 7:00 pm CST, 8:00 pm EST

To learn more and to schedule your own tickets, please visit here.

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