Skydeck Chicago

In our quest to hit all the John Hughes movie sites, we, of course, had to make a stop at the iconic Willis Tower in Chicago. This impressive building in the middle of the city is a must-see when visiting the Windy City.

Visiting the Skydeck is a wonderful interactive experience that the entire family can enjoy. As you make your way through the building to ascend to the top, you can learn all about the things that make the city of Chicago so unique. Food, culture, sports and entertainment are all integral parts of the city and there are some great photo opportunities to take within the exhibition.

Once you make your way up 103 stories to the Skydeck Chicago at Willis Tower, you will find yourself standing high above the entire city and you can see forever away. Well, maybe not forever, but on a clear day, 40-50 miles, which enables you to see four states – Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin and Michigan!

The day we scheduled our visit was a rainy one, but that did not stop us from seeing some spectacular views! Although, I would like to note due to the visibility at the top, we were graciously offered the option to return at a later time when there would be more clarity, so don’t let that deter you from planning a visit. I just happen to really enjoy stormy days and wanted to see the city from that perspective.

Seeing the city from this viewpoint was pretty incredible. So much is going on below and you can really take in all the amazing architecture and beautiful surroundings, including the Chicago River and Lake Michigan.

I had a couple of favorite viewpoints while enjoying Skydeck. First of all, The Ledge. This is a glass enclosed area that you step out onto that juts off of the building, allowing you to stand on a very thick glass floor, suspending you off the building. You can see directly below your feet and it is unnerving and exhilarating at the same time! I highly recommend it! I assure you the glass is thick enough to keep you completely safe!

I also loved that there was a shout out to when Ferris, Sloane, and Cameron ditched school to visit what was then known as the Sears Tower in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. You could stand in the exact spot they did in the movie!

We loved seeing the view in the daytime, but I can only imagine how amazing the views would be once the sun goes down! We had a great time visiting the Skydeck and know you will, too! Make sure to include it on your itinerary the next time you visit Chicago. To learn more about the experience and to purchase tickets for yourself, visit them online.

*we were invited to visit to facilitate a feature, all opinions are our own*

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