Gifts for Kids

We love gifts that get the whole family moving, which is exactly what the Globber NL-205 Scooter does. This fun, versatile scooter is durable and comfortable, easily folds up for storage or to take with you wherever you want to go. Pack it up and set up in a matter of seconds, which is perfect for frequent use. My favorite thing about this super smooth riding scooter is that it is totally adjustable with 4 height adjustments to accommodate all ages. Yes, you read that right–kids, teens and even adults can all enjoy this stylish ride that comes in a variety of fun colors. Maybe it’s the perfect gift to give to your whole family and plan some screen-free time together!

Globber Scooter

Whether you are a young family or a college student, we recommend the super fun 4-Player All-in-One Portable Table Tennis Set from Pro Spin. This set is a must have! Don’t have the space for a full size ping pong table in your house? No worries! This set has everything you need to convert a regular table into a fun rec room ping pong table. We’ve used it over and over again. Clear off the dishes from dinner and pop the net onto any table up to two inches thick. The retractable net can expand to up to 72 inches, so it will work just about anywhere. In about 30 seconds, you have the perfect ping pong table! I can’t emphasize enough how fun and how much of a stress relief it can be to drop everything and engage in a game or two of ping pong. It’s great for up to four players and will be something you look forward to playing with your family (or room mates at college!). When you are done, it takes less than a minute to put it all away for another day


We love active gifts and any chance to get moving, we are all about that. Teach your kids to go old school with a pair of Xino Sports inline roller skates. Rest assured that these skates will get a ton of use out of them. They are adjustable so they can grow with your kiddos! They work for both boys and girls and have some fun LED wheels, perfect for a family outing to the skating rink!

Xino Sports

Whether you want your kids to learn some skills at home or you find yourself having your own preschool after all the commotion this year, I’ve got a super cool gift for you! The AILA Sit & Play from Animal Island Learning Adventure is an awesome educational toy. Through repetition, songs, dance and activities, AILA can help your little ones grow accustomed to and excited to learn. Whether you use it in broadcast mode or through learning sessions, your AILA can become a personalized learning adventure tailor made for your family!

AILA Sit & Play

I love setting up spaces that cultivate learning and fun. For the preschool set, how about setting up one of these super cool (and very affordable) area rugs in their playspace to add some color and lots of opportunities for growth and imaginative play? I love the ABC’s, Numbers, and Shapes rugs, but there are tons of other options available from KC Cubs, like the street road map and dinosaur road map.

KC Cubs

GeoMag always has fun hands on toys (STEM, anyone?) that encourage learning. We are loving the Mechanics Gravity Loops & Turns, a great ball bearing track you build and then race magnetic cannons on. Who knew mechanics and physics could be so fun?


We love Joybay Swing Cars for the kiddos! They can drive to their heart’s content on these smooth riding, super fun toys. Pick up your feet and steer side to side and race away. No battery to worry about and you can have everyone try it out–it’s designed for ages 3 and up, up to 220lbs! Different variations are available, some work best only indoors, but new collections with light up wheels, voice recording capabilities, and air horns can be used both indoors and out!


Have you heard of Toniebox? This super hip padded speaker system is an awesome gift for little ones who like to hear music, stories, and more. You can collect different Tonies (characters) to plug into the speaker like Disney favorites Elsa and Moana. It’s a great way for kids 3 years and up to be screen free and listen and play. They will love the collectible, hand painted characters that add hours and hours of stories and songs to their toniebox! Highly recommend this fun toy!


For toys that encourage learning, we love Sphero. We’ve shared with you how cool Sphero Mini Robot Balls are in the past, but this year there is a new addition to their line up, the Sphero Indi. A great introduction to STEAM, this is an entry-level robot perfect for learning how to code, perfect for ages 4 and up. The possibilities and fun are virtually endless!

We love gifts that kids can build themselves and then play with on end afterwards. These fun building sets from Snap Ships are a fun change of pace. Super affordable and lots of options available, they are fun to build and surprisingly durable during play. Imagine if actions figures and LEGO were combined. 80s fans will love the retro feel to them!

Created so all children could see their beauty, brilliance, and power reflected back to them, The Fresh Dolls is a one-of-a-kind diverse line of fashion dolls reflecting ethnicities found around the world – African American, Afro-Latina, Latino/Hispanic, Caucasian, and Mixed-Race/Bi-Racial.  They are designed with custom blended skin tones, authentic facial features including  beautiful full lips, noses and gorgeous eyes, a variety of hair textures and styles, and uniquely designed bodies more representative with fuller hips and thighs. Standing approx 11.5 inches tall, Fresh Dolls are bendable and articulated to foster imagination during positive play.  They also feature soft washable hair, stunning wardrobe and accessories. The Fresh Dolls are available at Target, Walmart, Amazon and other retailers.

Kickin’ it old school and keeping kids off screens, Colorforms celebrates it’s 70th Anniversary with a brand new set with over 500 reusable stickers. I remember playing with these when I was a kid and they were always so much fun. Create endless art projects and stories with these colorful shapes that sticks like magic.

ZURU always has so many incredible options for gifting. We love the Rainbocorns Epic Golden Egg for a super fun gift this year. Even opening the giant egg is an experience! Once you open it up, inside is a giant Rainbowcorn and over 25 individually wrapped surprises. Kids go crazy over these super fun treasure troves of surprises.


Rainbocorns Epic Golden Egg

Even more Rainbowcorn fun can be had when you purchase Rainbowcorns Talkin’ Jelly Shake Surprise! Check out this fun toy. These cute and fluffy friends actually come alive and talk to you! How fun is that? You can record your voice and they will repeat what you say and giggle, too! In addition to these sweet animals, they are loaded with 8 fun layers of surprise treats!

Rainbocorns Talkin’ Jelly Shake Surprise

For those Jurassic loving kiddos, ZURU Smashers Mega Light Up Dino is where it’s at! Smash open the Dino egg and see what’s inside. There are over 25 surprises that dino lovers will go ballistic over! I love how interactive each and every piece inside is. There are hours of fun to be had, which is absolutely perfect when you are spending a day indoors.

ZURU Smashers Mega Light Up Dino Egg

Who doesn’t love playsets when they come in miniature size? 5 Surprise Mini Brands Mini Convenience Store is the cutest little set to give someone that loves to see their favorite things shrunk down. Build the store, fill the shelves with the surprise products and you have everything you need to run your store. The fun part is that you can continue to collect new items as new series come out. Kids love opening up the 5 Surprise Mini Brands and finding familiar and rare products in a super fun size. You can collect over 100 in each series. Kids of all ages will have a blast playing with these!

Not ready to get a real-life puppy for your kids? Check out ZURU Pets Alive Poppy the Booty Shakin’ Pug. This sweet little gal has all the right moves and she loves to show them off. She can spin, dance and shake and twirl her head and she wants you to join in the fun! You can collect all the different dancing variety pets to have the ultimate dance party.

Poppy the Booty Shakin’ Pug

ZURU Pets Alive Pet Shop Surprise is also a super fun gift because you have no idea which talking pet you will open up. These small pets are up for adoption and they want to come home with you. Inside you will find a little pet that you can record your voice and they will repeat it back to you. These pet carriers are also loaded with over 10 fun surprises to help you celebrate your new friend’s birthday.

Who doesn’t love to give a makeover? You’ve got the perfect candidate with Barbie. This Barbie Tie Dye Styling head – Available at Walmart, Amazon and Target, is a fun toy that will allow your little fashionista the opportunity to practice her skills on hair and nails. She can make her own tie-dyed accessories and use them on Barbie and herself! Over 22 pieces come with this interactive toy she will love!

Mini portable playsets are something little ones love. Take them anywhere you want to be in the house or when on the go and you’ve always got a fun world to explore. We love the Disney Doorables Beyond the Door Elsa’s Bedroom – available at Walmart and Amazon and Disney Doorables Beyond the Door Ariel’s Grotto – available at Walmart for Christmas this year. Super cute and imagination-inspiring, perfect for ages 5 and up, these playsets will be well loved. We adore our favorite characters miniaturized for each set. Each one has 3 figures and rooms to play in, unlocked by a special key.

We want to wish Slinky a happy 75th Anniversary! Can you believe this classic toy has been around this long? Available at Target and Amazon, I highly suggest picking one up for your favorite kiddos to get to know our old favorite. You may want one for yourself, as well!

For little ones, we love the adorable play sets available at Plush Creations. Super soft and cuddly toys that inspire imaginative play are great fun! Grill up some burgers with dad with their BBQ grill set loaded with talking food. Tell a lively story with the help of a sweet alligator mommy and her itty bitty babies. Or get ready for a day out like mom with a fluffy pink purse loaded with four plush accessories. We adore toys that get imaginations rolling!

Madame Alexander has several great dolls that little girls will adore. For little ones (ages 3 and up), we recommend getting an Adoption Day Baby. You can choose from a variety of babies to adopt and it includes a crib and changing table, diaper, pacifier and more to help you take care of your soft 14″ baby doll. It’s a great baby to start with! I love the baby’s sweet features and details. Your little one will love to take care of her own baby doll!

We love Madame Alexander’s Kindness Club dolls, as well. These girls have big personalities, hearts and dreams and have fun on their adventures, as they try to make the world a better place. We can all get behind that, right? You can choose from several 14″ dolls, Emmi, Zola, Paisley, Avi, Harper, and Brooks. Each girl is unique and comes with an adorable outfit. You can also pick set for them to interact with. I love the Great Outdoors Set that comes with a beautiful doll dressed in her outdoor gear that coordinates with her sleeping bag, backpack, and chair. So cute! Girls will love exploring and using their imaginations with the Kindness Club dolls and accessories.

Kids love the Air Hunterz Wrist Bow from Zing. This fun toy allows you to shoot suction cup arrows over 45 feet! Take it with you on all your outdoor adventures, set up targets and shoot away! It’s a super fun interactive toy, suited for ages 8 and up.

Check out Go Go Bird Butterfly for an awesome remote controlled flying butterfly. This colorful and life-like toy is lightweight and perfect to use both indoors and out. You can perform all sorts of tricks from as far as 200 feet away.

Aerobie Sonic Football

*products were received to facilitate a feature, all opinions are my own*


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