Gifts for Pets

Ever wish you knew exactly what made up your dog’s DNA? What if it could help you figure out what is best for her health? We got to try a Breed + Health Kit from Embark DNA for our favorite pooch to find out just what her background consisted of. This kit comes with everything you need to test your dog at home. Simply follow the directions, grab a saliva swab (quite amusing to do, actually), register your kit and wait for all the results to be delivered to your inbox. We were able to find out our pup is a purebred Jack Russell. While I already had an idea about that, it was great to confirm it, learn about her breed’s characteristics and ancestry, history and health challenges. They were actually able to identify some problem areas she might have health-wise, how to prevent problems in the future, and how to best care for her overall, specific to her breed and needs. It was really informative and interesting. You can even share the findings directly with our pup’s vet. A great gift for the dog-lover in your life!

Holly Yashi has some great products for women that we shared with you in our gifts for women portion of our gift guide, but did you know that they also create specialty pet tags? We love the adorable customizable collar tags for our puppy. Available in several fun designs, you can add her name and phone number so that if she gets lost, she is easily found again. These tags come in various patterns, shapes, and sizes so you can design the perfect accessory for your pet.

We love to give our dog new toys every now and then to keep her engaged and occupied. We love PetSafe toys because they are very durable, fun, and can easily hide treats inside. Our dog absolutely loves playing with her Busy Buddy Chompin’ Chicken. She loves to chew off the treat rings!

When we go outside in winter months, my dog freezes. She is a short haired dog, so easily gets a chill. The best thing I can do is slip on a puffy coat from 32 Degrees to keep her nice and toasty. The Doggie 2 Pack Fleece/Quilted Vest is the perfect accessory for her. You can double up the layers for when it is really cold or separate them for two different needs. She loves to wear her plaid fleece as she is indoors in the winter and the jacket for going outside. The quality is so good, we love them both!

My dog loves to stay nice and cozy. She insists on having a blanket with her wherever she is going to be lounging. Sometimes, she will even come steal a blanket from one of us if she likes it better. I love the idea of getting her own personalize blanket just for her. Etsy shop SimplySpiritStore has the coolest option of customizing your own blanket with your own photos. We got to make one featuring my dog’s face and it’s pretty epic. It is quite large, super soft, and fun to have our dog’s face all over it. Their great shop also has the option of creating other personalized blankets and socks. A perfect gift for anyone on your list! I think I have to make two, though, one for her bed and one for my kiddo, who is her best buddy.

*products were received to facilitate a feature, all opinions are my own*


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