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We love any chance to get families spending time together or friends laughing, away from electronic devices. Here area few of our favorites this holiday season.

Barry & Jason Games and Entertainment have some hilarious pop culture games that will have you cracking up in no time while you play with friends and family. We love Bill & Ted’s Excellent Historical Trivia Travel Game for a great game of trivia that can be taken on the go in the legendary phone booth case. For a game that will be sure to liven up a room, no matter who’s in it, we love Game Night in a Can (5th Anniversary). Each card inside has different games or tasks and are sure to bust any boredom and will appeal to all age groups.

Winning Moves Games has a ton of great options, a lot of old school ones, which we especially love. I love playing the games that I grew up on with my kids, such as Monopoly the 1980’s Edition, 13 Dead End Drive, and Pass the Pigs. They also have new updated takes on favorites such as Risk Europe and Pass the Pigs Big Pigs. A great way to spend quality time together at the holidays and throughout the rest of the year.

Want to play some games that get your family moving? Check out these fun options from Starlux games. Capture the Flag Redux is a super fun way to get kids (and adults) playing together. Make it a neighborhood activity when the sun goes down. Up to 20 players can play! So much fun! Feel like battling it out, pick up a game of GlowBattle. You can turn off the lights and let up to 4 plays battle it out as ninjas with foam swords. Play it indoors or out, just let them burn lots of energy while they play!

For the preschool set, we love Blue Orange games like Chickyboom and Pengoloo. Both games include adorable real wooden pieces, perfect for little hands, that teach fine motor skills, balance, memory, strategy and more, all while having a blast. For a game that induces lots of shrieks and laughs with little ones, be sure to check out Pancake Monster–we love it!

For absolute hilarity with the family or with friends, you have to check out Unstable Unicorns and Llamas Unleashed from Unstable Games. These are must-have strategic card games that are super fun, creative, and family friendly. A great way to pass the time interacting and laughing, rather than in front of a screen. Just a word of warning–they are addictive!! No worries, though, there are lots of expansion packs to keep things extra interesting! Unstable Unicorns is best for everyone 8 years old and up, while Llamas Unleased is best suited for teens and up.

Blue Orange has games for the whole family. For sit around the table and play as a family-type games, we love Zoom in Barcelona. You can explore a city, discover landmarks, skyscrapers, and dragons, too! Bendomino is also a blast to play, a new spin on Dominos that will have you twisting and turning to play. Go play a game of catch after dinner with Djubi Slingball Night Flight, a much more elevated and modern version of catch that you will love playing!

*products were received to facilitate a feature, all opinions are my own*


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