We are Oh-so-Thankful

Looking for a different dessert to take to your Thanksgiving celebrations? We have the perfect solution for you! Crumbl cookies are the best any time of year, but just in time for Thanksgiving, they have teamed up with Ocean Spray Cranberries to create the most delectable holiday must-have: Crumbl Cookies x Ocean Spray! Let me tell you, we are oh-so thankful they did!

Ocean Spray and Crumbl Cookies are proud to launch a limited edition Cranberry White Chip ft. Ocean Spray®.  A warm buttery cookie featuring a hint of vanilla, nostalgic Ocean Spray® Craisins® Dried Cranberries, and white chocolate chips, which will be available Thanksgiving week only! 

The new cookie flavor was released yesterday, Sunday 11/21 via social, in store, and at crumblcookies.com. These cookies are absolutely amazing and we can’t wait to share them at our Thanksgiving table. Monday, 11/22/21 is the last day to get catering orders in, so be sure to get Crumbl for your holiday gathering dessert needs!

Your friends and family will be very thankful if you bring these delicious cookies with you to your Thanksgiving gathering.

Be sure to check Crumbl’s website each and every week for new flavors!

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