5 Questions to Ask To Find Your Perfect Moving Company

You might be excited for a new opportunity that is allowing you and your family to move however if you are planning to move across time, across the country, or a nearby neighborhood, there are many movers to choose who is going to help you. You might be curious to tell if you are hiring the right company. Below are a few tips to help you find not only an affordable mover but someone that you can trust to move personal and sentimental items from point A to point B. 

  1. How Long Have They Been In Business: It might be easy to pick the first moving company you come across but you also want to make sure that you don’t hire a company that just started their business only a few weeks prior. You want a company that has at least two-five years behind its belt because you want to look at reviews to help you make up your mind. One of the best pieces of advice someone gave me is to pick a company that has high reviews. You want to have a detailed written estimate before the expected move date as well. 
  1. Look For Insurance And License Companies: Hiring a company that is not insured or has a license is taking a big risk. You don’t want to do something like this with your most precious possessions when they don’t have something simple as this. Whether they are part of a national network or local, they should be insured and if they aren’t you need to walk away. Before you agree to their insurance, check to see what any renters insurance of homeowners insurance will cover and then ask how they can insure your items. If they offer full value protection this means that if something is destroyed or damaged during the move it will be repaired or replaced at full value. 
  1. Be On The Lookout For Red Flags: A few red flags to look for can be speaking to them on the phone in a generic way such as “Hello, we are movers” instead of saying their company name. Look to see if their truck is marked with their name, making sure they have a local address that matches where they are located or being asked to sign incomplete or blank documents. These are all flags you want to be aware of. 
All In One Moving and Storage

  1. Feel Comfortable:  When it comes to finding that perfect moving company, it’s all about having that comfortable feeling. Look for a company that offers excellent equipment, storage facilities, additional amenities, and is within your budget. Hire a dependable moving business that also has a proven track record that you can trust time and time again. A company that is sure to make you feel your best is called All In One Moving and Storage. They are a highly recommended company in the New Jersey area, providing numerous services to ensure that everything is moved safely. When you want a smooth shipment fo delivery services, this friendly staff can assist you for either residential or moving and storage in New Jersey area. 
  2. Double Check Reviews: You can get a good idea about a company when you look at their reviews online. While it is true some reviews might be conflicting with one another, you will find that some also speak to your inner voice. Don’t just look at one Yelp or Facebook review to make a decision .take into consideration offerings on a variety of websites and check ratings that are only a minimum of 4 stars. Look at American Moving and Storage Association to discover if the moving company is certified or even call some of the customers who have written reviews to see if they still feel this way currently about the company.

When it comes to moving, above all, you want to find a company that you can trust, has reliable and credible reviews and you know will take care of you, your family, and above all, your possessions. Do your best to listen to your inner voice if you feel that something might be wrong. Ask questions, get things in writing and at the end of the day, know that you are doing everything you can to make it easier for your family to begin their new adventure together.

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