Countdown to Valentine’s Day

We successfully made it through the holidays and the new year, unbelievably, though, I can’t believe that February is almost here! We love celebrating special events and holidays with kids in unique ways and setting fun themes up to engage our families. We found the perfect shop to do just that last year when we shared with you an adorable Halloween advent calendar from My Growing Season. They are back with an absolutely perfect way to countdown to Valentine’s Day, with their Valentine Countdown Calendar Wall Hanging.

I can’t get over how cute this wall hanging is. Set it up in a prominent place for your family to enjoy counting down the days, moving the heart marker day to day. I love that there are sweet activity cards that give suggestions for your family to make the month more memorable. You can use the cards, add treats, or create your own ideas. Either way, your kids will love adding this calendar countdown to your family traditions.

The advent is very well made in a beautiful cream colored canvas with stunning red embroidery, and I can tell you I absolutely love it and know you will, too. Order your very own before February gets here and start some new traditions in your own homes.

You can find the Valentine Countdown Calendar, along with tons of other creative advents, wall hangings, fabric quiet books and more at My Growing Season.

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