Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

February is a time to shout from the rooftops everything to do with love, so we’re taking this opportunity to share with you some of our very favorites things that we love–they just so happen to make great gifts for this time of year, too!

To start the month off right, check out this adorable advent calendar. I can’t get over how cute this wall hanging is. Set it up in a prominent place for your family to enjoy counting down the days, moving the heart marker day to day. I love that there are sweet activity cards that give suggestions for your family to make the month more memorable. You can use the cards, add treats, or create your own ideas. Either way, your kids will love adding this calendar countdown to your family traditions.The advent is very well made in a beautiful cream colored canvas with stunning red embroidery, and I can tell you I absolutely love it and know you will, too.

You can find the Valentine Countdown Calendar, along with tons of other creative advents, wall hangings, fabric quiet books and more at My Growing Season.

Marscapone cheese. It’s amazing! But, I’ve never had any quite as good as what you can find from Crave Brothers. Check out their Marscapone pairing box loaded with Pirouline wafer cookies, dried fruit or nuts and an assortment of Marscapone cheese–I’m telling you the chocolate Marscapone is to die for! You will be addicted. It takes snacking to a whole new level. You can also pick up a Crave Chocolate Marscapone Pie Kit, it makes a fabulous gift to share with the ones you love. The pie is super easy to make and is absolutely decadent. For lots of inspiration, be sure to check out their website for recipes, gift ideas, and just great essentials you will want to keep on hand.

Sweets for the sweet…pick up an Australian Assortment Gift Box from to thrill your favorite people. This assortment is made up of Australian Black, Australian Red, and an Australian Mix of delicious licorice that far exceeds any other kind I’ve ever had. Each canister is loaded with flavor and it definitely pleases a crowd. I can’t get over how amazing this licorice is! Be sure to use code MARYANN25 when ordering for 25% off your order!

Who doesn’t love a good night’s sleep? Quince has the perfect items to create the most indulgent setting for the kind of sleep you are dreaming of. We love the European Linen Duvet Cover for the greatest fluffiest covers. Available in an assortment of colors, you will be sure to find just the one to fit your bedroom. The quality is unbelievable at a price point that is even more so! Pair it with a sheet set from Quince to match or select one of the many other sheet sets available on their site. I love the Luxe Italian Cotton Hotel Sheet Set –it’s sheer perfection!

For those that love a clean home, Black + Decker has you covered. I am thrilled with their line up of gear that helps me keep our home spic and span, where we can enjoy all our family time. Their products are so well designed and essential for families everywhere. For quick clean ups, I love the AdvancedClean Slim Cordless dustbuster. It’s small and powerful, with a high performance motor that has 3X more suction than other well known hand vacuums. Perfect for a family, as there are a million and one reasons to need to use one.

To keep any hard surface floors clean, I rely totally on the BLACK+DECKER Portable Steam Mop. You will wonder how you kept your home truly clean before. Using just water, this miracle device steam cleans all hard sealed surfaces, including granite, wood, laminate, and grout. Unbelievable results! It kills 99% of germs, so you can’t beat that! I love the attachments like the detail brush that can even allow you to clean faucets and fixtures!

For everyday clean up, I look to the BLACK+DECKER POWERSERIES Extreme Pet Cordless Stick Vacuum. It is the greatest vacuum to keep our carpets looking clean and fresh. Easy to use (the kids like to vacuum using it) because it is lightweight and cordless, it is a must-have for us. I love that you can charge it and it will run for about 55 minutes on one charge. It’s very powerful and efficient, two things that you can’t help but love.

One thing we can’t get enough of, whether it’s Valentine’s Day or any other day of the year, are the gorgeous jewelry pieces available at Holly Yashi. Perfect to show off on a special date night are the spectacular Serafina hoop earrings in Scarlet. These delicate golden hoops are laden with Quartz, garnet, freshwater pearls and Bohemian glass and Swarvoski crystals. I love that each pair is unique to the stones that are on it. You will love finding a reason to wear them to feel absolutely stunning.

For an entirely different look, we also love the Margo Pendant Necklace and Margo Open Hoop Earrings. These dazzling pieces show off beautiful Keshi pearls and Swarovski crystals. Each Keshi pearl is free form, meaning the shapes are completely unique. They are definite eye-catchers and you will love wearing these any chance you get. You will want some for yourself, the hard part is deciding which color scheme you want!

Love silky soft skin? I do, too, but it has always been a challenge to achieve. That is until I found this miracle solution! I am absolutely in love with Act of Wellness Euphoric Exfoliation. This is the magic serum I have been looking for to combat dry facial skin. With just one use of this exfoliant polish and accelerator, you will see and feel a huge improvement. I am so excited to have found such a powerful weapon in my skin care arsenal. It is absolutely amazing!

Want a fresh new lip look for Valentine’s Day? We love the colorful and moisturizing Natasha Moor Molten Matte Liquid Lipstick Minis in Survivor, Willpower, Soar and Winner, the Powerhouse Fall in Love collection. So pretty and flattering on anyone (you can see what they look like on your lips before purchasing by using the Glamoor Studio) and the glide on silky smooth. Loaded with Vitamin E, these lip pigments last for 12 hours!

I was recently introduced to a fabulous company, Cosset, that specializes in the most unique and incredible bath bombs I have ever tried. I’m not sure I’ve ever loved any bath product more than these therapy bath bombs. They are simply luxurious. There are formulas made for every mood or need. I don’t think I will ever let a time go by where I won’t have these stocked at home. Give as a gift to a friend or loved one or stock up for yourself. Either way, you win. Not only do these give the ultimate relaxation, they moisturize the skin and leave you feeling absolutely wonderful. Be sure to check them out!

For special occasions, we love Holly Yashi’s fantastic line up of gorgeous accessories. Perfect for Valentine’s Day

We are loving this new Phierce Fashions smoothing tank Brami from Macoma Boutique. It’s the greatest wardrobe must have! Use it in place of a bra or just as a smoothing tank, it’s so flattering and comfortable, available in a wide range of sizes to fit every woman. An assortment of colors are available to choose from, all of which are made from the softest material you will love having next to your skin and a part of your outfit.

Flowers are synonomous with Valentine’s Day, but unfortunately they end up withering and that’s kind of sad. You know what’s not, though? Getting a gorgeous plant from Bloomscape! To me, that is way better than flowers! You get the best of both worlds, honestly, because you get a beautiful living plant that will continue to brighten your day for a long time to come. I love Bloomscape because you can get expert advice on caring for plants and find just the perfect plant for what you want. I am all about low maintenance plants, myself, and it’s easy to identify the plants that will work best for me. Got a green thumb? That’s cool, too, they have a great assortment of plants for those that want to make the time to nourish the most delicate beauties. I love the Bromeliad Aechmea Pink plant, as it is easy to take care of, has beautiful blooms, and looks so cheerful! Also, it needs to be said that Bloomscape has some of the best customer service I have encountered from a company–they are so helpful!

Great footwear is definitely something we love and we can’t rave enough about how awesome shoes from Vessi are. These stylish shoes are 100% waterproof–perfect to have this time of year, for sure! Ideal for everyday, these shoes are ultra comfortable, breathable and very lightweight, leaving your feet feeling fantastic, even after you’ve been on them all day. We love the many styles for both men and women, but some of our favorites are the Men’s Weekend in Cozy Cream and the Cityscape Sneaker. We know you will love them, too!

Love to traipse in the snow? Whether you like to go out in the snow for fun or because you have to, we have the greatest boots to share with you that we absolutely love. Baffin boots are top of the line, superb quality and design and the greatest thing to happen to winter in our opinion. We love the rugged Snow Monster boots for men and the Nunavut for women. Designed with northern Canadian winters in mind, you know you will be set for the utmost warmth and comfort when wearing these boots. I love the fit and durability in these boots that can be worn doing outdoor activities, not just to keep the snow out, but to perform, unmatched by any other brand I have tried.

Do you love having fun with your friends and family? Then you will love TowerBall. This game is great for all ages. It’s easy to transport and to take with you anywhere. Assemble the tower and play all four sides of the tower for a casual activity or watch it turn into a quick paced game that will bring out your competitive side. Similar to corn hole, it’s an elevated version that is great for any gathering. Take it to the park, the beach, your backyard, or even in your family room, everyone will have a great time playing it, whether they are little or big. Everyone loves it!

Love great BBQ? BBQ Dragon is the end all, be all in must-have BBQ accessories. My husband loves to grill and smoke food and these tools make his life easier, which is always a great thing. We love the Chimney of Insanity XL paired with the BBQ Dragon Fan for the fastest way to get a charcoal grill up and running in virtually no time at all. We are super impressed at how well these tools are designed and highly recommend them. While you are browsing their shop online, be sure to pick up the greatest lighter ever–the USB Rechargeable Arc Lighter, it’s the best!

Love all things American Girl? Yeah, we know! We love their beautiful dolls, too, and look forward to each new year when the new doll of the year is released. This year, we are excited to introduce you to Corinne Tan, Girl of the Year 2022!

Corinne loves to ski in Aspen and train her new puppy to become a search and rescue dog. We love her stylish outfit–she wears a mock turtleneck sweater, iridescent purple leggings, underwear, and blue boots with faux-fur trim. Her beautiful long, straight black hair has striking turquoise highlights. She, like all the American Girl dolls, is beautiful and lovely. You will love to read her story and pick up her accessories , especially for her cute pup!

You can learn more about Corinne Tan on their website!

We love books for every holiday, Valentine’s Day is no exception. Check out the fun, seasonal titles available for your little ones from Simon & Schuster. We love these sweet board books to read to our favorite little ones and know you will, too!

Do your kids love playing out in the snow with friends? We’ve got a fun new way to play! Starlux Games has a super fun game, Vikings of the Northern Lights, that will have your kiddos playing freeze tag with their friends in the snow, unlike any way they have played before. Collect the gems and have a great time along the way. Although this can be played indoors, there is something enchanting about playing this in the snow!

*products were received to facilitate a feature, all opinions are my own*

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