Red Mountain Resort

This past weekend, we found ourselves in St. George, Utah, celebrating our wedding anniversary. We’d never been to this very popular destination and decided there would be no better way to experience it than by staying at the Red Mountain Resort* in Ivins.

This gorgeous resort is nestled within the bright orange and red rocks of Southern Utah. Located about 8 miles away from the city of St. George, it’s a very short and scenic drive to arrive there. Upon our arrival at the resort, I was truly amazed at how gorgeous the setting was. I knew we had picked the perfect place for our visit.

The setting was peaceful and serene, instantly putting you at ease. At check in, we discovered all of the amenities available to us and received backpacks with reusable water bottles for our use throughout the resort and on hikes to keep us hydrated. I loved this touch!

Our reservation was for the Essential Retreat Package and we enjoyed a Villa Queen Suite for the duration of our stay. This all-inclusive type of package was incredible! In addition to our room, our retreat package included delicious meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), daily guided hikes, and an endless array of fitness classes and activities to choose from each day.

Our Villa Queen Suite was situated at the edge of the property, so our views were unobstructed and absolutely breathtaking.

When we got to our room, I was so impressed at how large it was. Walking through the door, there was a long hallway, full sized bathroom with double sink vanity, walk-in shower, jacuzzi tub, with a separate toilet enclosure. It was very spacious and very nicely designed. Closets lined the hallway for storage and led the way into the bedroom portion of the suite. Two queen sized beds with extremely comfortable mattresses, bedding, and both firm and soft pillows would allow for a very restful night’s sleep at the end of lots of activity each day. A desk, nightstand, lounge chair, and nice sized TV and a lovely fireplace also filled the room, allowing for plenty of walking space around. It was a very luxurious bedroom. From the bedroom, we could open a sliding glass patio door to an outdoor area where we could enjoy the fresh air and lovely summer evenings. If that had been everything in the suite, I would have been more than happy. However, there was so much more to be seen still!

Walking back out into the hallway, a doorway opened up into a very generous living area. Another full sized bathroom could be accessed from here. The living room was equipped with a sectional sofa where you could lounge and enjoy another fireplace and TV. A dining table and kitchen were also in here (including a stove!). You could easily cook meals here, if you were so inclined, but there was no need to do so because the Canyon Breeze Restaurant at the resort made sure you were always well fed. Once again, access to the outdoors was given through another sliding patio door from the living area.

Our patio area led right to one of the three pools available at the property, which we really enjoyed.

The property was quiet and very relaxing. Spread out over 18 acres and adjacent to Snow Canyon State Park, we felt as if our opportunities to explore were endless. While there were people also staying on property, it felt as if we were pretty secluded. You could hike multiple trails guided with a group, varying levels of intensity, or choose to explore on your own. We enjoyed multiple hikes, taking in the therapeutic desert air, exploring the vast fields of volcanic rock and being mesmerized by the beauty that was surrounding us. I loved finding occasionally that we had tiny lizards accompanying us along the trails. You could also enjoy the trails on bikes provided by the property, which many were enjoying.

After our explorations, taking a nice long swim or relaxing by the pool felt incredible! We worked up our appetites and would visit the property’s restaurant, Canyon Breeze, during the windows for breakfast and lunch. These were buffet type meals and very good, allowing you to come at your leisure. At dinner, reservations are required and a daily menu is provided. One aspect of our stay, which I really loved, was that meals were all-inclusive to our package. That meant that you didn’t have to carry your wallet or purse with you. You could just come from whatever activity you were enjoying, relax and enjoy a meal. Gratuity is included in the package, which made it so you could dine and go off to enjoy more of the resort. There is something really freeing about that!

Throughout the day, you could choose from a wide variety of fitness classes and other activities to keep you entertained, moving and fully enjoying your stay. In addition, you could schedule excursions to visit popular destinations in Zion National Park, like the Narrows and Angel’s Landing, visit Kanarra Falls, go rock climbing, kayaking, among others. I realized as we were onsite that most vacations I take are typically to a city–one where you barely stay in your hotel because you are off being a tourist. I do love those type of vacations. But, there is really something to be said about taking a weekend and filling it with fitness and wellness. A time to reflect, enjoy the outdoors, breathe deeply, eat delicious, healthy meals, and move your body. It felt fantastic! While cell coverage and wi-fi were readily available at the resort, I found that I didn’t want to look at my phone or attend to emails. I wanted to be in the moment, enjoying quality time, truly living life. It was wonderful to disconnect and feel peaceful. I’m not sure how, but every day during our stay, storm clouds would appear. While we only got a trickle of raindrops, the sky would change colors, illuminating or accentuating the rocky formations all around us. Each day, we were treated to a full rainbow in the sky, almost as if it they had been hand painted just for us. The beauty to be seen here was unmatched.

There were endless amenities at the resort, a full spa (Sagestone Spa & Salon) to be utilized, steam room, pools, fitness classes, fire pit, meditation labyrinth, and lots more. I found the staff to be incredibly accommodating and friendly. I also liked that at check in, they set you up with an texting service, IVY, that allowed you to text requests to the staff, rather than having to call. I’ve never used that before and found it to be a great service.

Our visit at Red Mountain Resort was absolutely wonderful. I highly recommend making a reservation for yourself. Whether it be to celebrate an anniversary, birthday or get away with friends, or a family vacation (if your kids are older than 12), there is something for everyone to enjoy here. I would return to Red Mountain Resort in a heartbeat. I returned home rejuvenated and re-energized for my normal day-to-day routine. It was the perfect place and perfect way to spend a weekend away.

To learn more about the resort, retreat packages and to plan your own vacation, visit them online at

*we were invited to the resort to facilitate a feature, all opinions are my own*

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