Immersive Gamebox

This past week we were invited to think outside the box and experience something new and innovative. We were invited to check out Immersive Gamebox (formerly called Electric Gamebox), the newest entertainment venue in Salt Lake City, with other locations popping up in the United Kingdom, Denver, California, Texas, Illinois, and New York City. We were excited to see what this experience would be like!

Immersive Gamebox is an experience unlike any you have had before. Think of jumping inside a video game and getting to control it. Using motion tracking, projection mapping, touch screens and surround sound, you literally are immersed in a room where you are transported to another realm. You and your friends work together to complete the tasks and games, all without controllers, just your bodies and a visor! It is a blast to do!

There are several games to choose from, some for as young as 5 years old, some for teens and adults. We got to try Psychedelic Mansion and it was so much fun. It takes a little bit of getting used to as you learn how to do the movements, but as soon as you get into a groove, it just gets better and better. The colors and lighting in the Gamebox are so vibrant!

Immersive Gamebox is perfect for birthday parties (for kids and adults!), work events, youth groups, and dates. We found it to be a great day activity for homecoming. Just a really fun way to spend time with friends. As a mom, I love that they offer Immersive Brainbox to schools for free field trips (PTA moms and teachers–check it out!) to create an innovative learning environment, totally disguised as fun.

While I am not the biggest advocate for spending time in front of screens, I will say this is an exception. If you are going to play a video game, it’s so much more fun to fully immerse yourself in the gameplay and become a part of the game at Immersive Gamebox. It’s an experience you won’t want to miss!

To learn more about Immersive Gamebox, visit them online. You can see all their game offerings, including the newly introduced Squid Game, and book your tickets in advance.

*we were invited to experience Immersive Gamebox to facilitate a feature, all opinions are our own*

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