Halloween Haunts: Haunted Hollow

We are all about visiting the haunted attractions all over to give you the low-down on how to best spend your evening getting spooked. This year, we headed up north to Ogden, Utah to visit Haunted Hollow. This infamous Halloween destination is a tad bit unique when it comes to other haunted houses in the state. Why, you ask? Because it’s been on TV in a little show called Ghost Adventures (Haunted Hollow Forest). Rumor has it this place isn’t just a bunch of scary props and scenery, but actually haunted ground.

So we made the trek up there to find out for ourselves what this place was like. When we arrived, it was already different from the rest. 13 acres of forest encompassed us and everyone else who was anxiously awaiting starting through the entrance. Haunted Hollow is a very popular attraction. There were lots of people visiting when we got there. I recommend the fast pass to skip as much of the line as you can, unless waiting is something you like to do. While we waited in line to get get in, a large outdoor screen played the episode of Ghost Adventures set in the very forest were were about to set foot in. Well played. That was a great way to amp up all the patrons and got you thinking about what might be encountered along the way.

I loved the layout of this haunted attraction. You make your way through a house, caves and a large forest with scares along the way. I really enjoyed the caves, as I’ve never been inside anything like that at a haunted house before. Totally unique and very well done! The forest was a lot of fun to explore and reflect on if the sounds or sights you might be hearing and seeing are real or other worldly. The setting of Haunted Hollow is very cool!

We were glad to make a visit to Haunted Hollow, to be sure. So do I think it’s haunted? I won’t say. I guess you’ll just have to go to find out for yourself! To book your own tickets and learn more about it, visit them online. There is still plenty of time to visit before Halloween arrives!

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