It’s All About Imagination

I love using imaginations. In fact this is one of the most important things to me when it comes to choosing toys for my favorite kiddos. While I love the convenience of living in a digital world and all that is literally at my fingertips, when it comes to play time, I want my kids to just play. To not be totally lost in a screen, but instead, totally immersed in the worlds their minds can create.

Maybe you feel the same? I know when I look back on my 80’s childhood, some of my fondest memories are those where my friends or my brother and I made forts and mazes and let our ideas take us from one thing to the next. Ahhh, those carefree days were so much fun!

Kids today have a lot more technology than we did, that’s for sure, but I don’t necessarily think they are better off for it. We live in a fast paced world, even for the littlest members of our households. So much pressure to be doing things, learning and getting ahead. Even preschoolers feel pressure to know so much before they even get started! While I do think there is a time and a place for learning things like numbers and colors, I think it’s even more important for little ones to just play and explore. With that said, I have a great new product that I was introduced to that fits into that mold perfectly!

Figgy is where it’s at if you want to give your kids something that will inspire them to do exactly what I am talking about. What is Figgy you ask? It’s a modular play couch. Sounds weird when I say it that way, but hear me out. Go to and pick your favorite color that can easily match your home’s aesthetic. There are many color choices to choose from that will easily blend in with the space you want to keep it in. I love the neutral colorscapes that don’t make your eyes hurt while looking at them. Instead, the colors easily blend in with your family’s decor, making it a natural addition to family rooms and playrooms everywhere. Also, making it something your kids will comfortably use all the time. You can even buy cover sets to switch the colors around, if you so choose.

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So now that we’ve picked the best color, you can pick the best design for you. I love The Figgy. This configuration consists of four flat base cushions, two rectangles, and an optional wedge. From there you can choose if you would like waterproof liners. When in doubt, I would always pick the waterproof liners to protect against whatever might happen to it while your kids are playing!

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Once your Figgy arrives, what are you supposed to do with it, I bet you’re wondering. Anything goes here and that’s where the beauty lies. Do your kids want to make a tent in the living room? Done! A pirate ship? Of course! A castle? Who wouldn’t want that? Keep going– what about a stage to sing your favorite songs to an imaginary audience? It makes a great stage! A fort for your stuffed animals and puppy? Naturally. An indoor trampoline? Most definitely! The possibilities are endless and that’s what is so wonderful about it. It can be whatever they can imagine it should be. All the while being a super sturdy and cushioned play area, so you don’t have to worry about it being safe. The fabric is incredibly soft, perfect for playing on. It includes velcro to help you secure your structures and it works so well! When it isn’t being used as an indoor climbing gym or other incredible creation, you can just as easily snuggle up on it, read a good book or watch a movie.

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However many ways they choose to enjoy Figgy, you will find your kids will love it no matter what and you will, too! You might be surprised to find out that while it’s definitely super appealing to little ones, it is not limited to use by them. Every member of the family will enjoy it. Cozy up to read a good book, camp out playing video games, lounge around for sleepovers, even college kids and moms and dads will get lots of use out the Figgy! I highly recommend their products and know your family will enjoy them thoroughly. It makes a great gift for birthdays or Christmas, so be thinking about that as the holidays are quickly about to arrive! To learn more about Figgy, visit their website at and follow them on Instagram to see how much everyone loves their own Figgy.

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