Halloween Haunts: Fear Factory

This month has been loaded with fun Halloween adventures and last night we got to go to the one we’ve long been anticipating–Fear Factory.

Fear Factory just earned a top 10 spot in Buzzfeed’s 2022 List of the 20 Most Terrifying Haunts, so of course, we had to check it out to see if we felt the same. We’ve been to tons of great haunted attractions, many of which are on the same list Fear Factory has been placed on.

We’ve been to Fear Factory the last couple of years and each year there are new elements to the haunt. I love this and think it keeps it fresh and wanting you to come back for more. Fear Factory does a great job of switching things up and making it so you can’t let your guard down.

When you arrive at Fear Factory, your senses are instantly on high alert. Sinister looking buildings of what was the old Portland Cement Works of late 1800’s Salt Lake City are the grounds for this dilapidated destination. This, too, is purportedly actually haunted. Once again, Ghost Adventures has been on the scene to see if the rumors of hauntings are real. A freak accident of one of the workers in the factory seemed unfortunate enough, but over time, more and more deaths started happening. Enough to make you wonder if there was something dark about the property. Eventually, the factory closed after multiple “accidents”, suicides, dismemberments, electrocutions and beheadings. Maybe it wasn’t all just a coincidence these things kept occurring. Other companies tried to make their start in the same location, all the close shortly thereafter. After having been abandoned for some time, in 2010 Fear Factory, the Halloween attraction we know today, opened its doors. It’s really interesting to note this history before embarking on the haunt itself.

In order to get into Fear Factory, you have to sign a waiver. Also another indication that we were in for something a little more intensive than most. We got situated and made our way through the entrance and we were transported to a dark, menacing realm where anything could happen to scare you out of your mind. At one point, we even found ourselves walking between buildings, high above the ground, looking down on the concrete far below us. That is an unnerving sight to see while you are trying to escape a terrifying maze! I loved it! We weaved through 6 buildings and passed through amazing sets, unlike those I have ever seen before. Considering this girl goes to multiple haunted houses each year, that is really saying something! The special effects were really incredible. The ambiance is amazing. Each room we entered was better than the next and I was so impressed.

I love haunted houses all around, but to me, the best ones always have an added thrilling level to them. At Fear Factory, it is known as the Touch of Fear. This is the option to wear a glow necklace that indicate to the inhabitants of the haunted buildings that you are willing to be touched. This always elevates the experience for me and I highly recommend opting for this. If it becomes too much for you to handle, just rip the necklace off and no one will touch you again.

Also, I just discovered that after Halloween occurs, you can go back to visit Fear Factory in a completely new light. Well, actually, let me rephrase that. You can see it without any lights on! All you actually have to light your way is a single finger light! After going through last night, I can only imagine how unnerving that experience would be. But I have to tell you, I want to do it and see just what it’s like. It would add a completely new layer to an already exhilarating experience!

Fear Factory is definitely a favorite of mine and I do think it lives up to the hype and is deserving of the Top 10 list Buzzfeed included them on. Well done, Fear Factory!

There is still plenty of time to go visit it for yourself before the Halloween season is over. Go check out their calendar and pick up tickets to go have an amazing time! You won’t regret it……or maybe you will…….

*we were invited to facilitate a feature, all opinions are my own*

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