2022 Holiday Gift Guide: For Those Who Love the Outdoors

Love to traipse in the snow? Whether you like to go out in the snow for fun or because you have to, we have the greatest boots to share with you that we absolutely love. Baffin boots are top of the line, superb quality and design and the greatest thing to happen to winter in our opinion. We love the rugged Snow Monster boots for men and the Nunavut for women. Designed with northern Canadian winters in mind, you know you will be set for the utmost warmth and comfort when wearing these boots. I love the fit and durability in these boots that can be worn doing outdoor activities, not just to keep the snow out, but to perform, unmatched by any other brand I have tried. But they don’t stop at snow boots. They have great options for hiking, too! The Borealis for Men can take him on adventures from Fall through Spring. A perfect hiking shoe for all seasons and intensive activity levels. For a versatile boot that can take you hiking and through the elements, but also look amazing as a casual shoe, the Southern is a great option, too! For women an equally multitasking boot is the Telluride. It looks incredible on whether you are going to dinner, to work or walking through the snow

For those that love to explore the outdoors, we love Cotopaxi for great adventure wear. Warm and uber comfortable, their clothes are a favorite! The Fuego Hooded Down Jacket for men is their quintessential insulation layer. Made with responsibly sourced 800-fill down and a DWR-finished ripstop nylon shell, this lightweight insulated jacket is one that is great year round from summer camping to winter wandering. An added bonus is the water resistance that keeps you dry no matter what the weather conditions are. We love the colors they come in, too! When not in use, this non-bulky jacket can be stuffed inside a low profile sack so that you are sure to always have it when you need it.

A great gift for those that love to exercise, or those who want to get better at exercising, is the Venu Sq 2 from Garmin. This watch is good for men or women and comes in a variety of colors and face sizes. Whichever one you pick, you will have selected a fantastic smartwatch and health tracker. It will track specific exercises, your steps, heart rate, sleep tracking, stress tracking, it has a pulse ox sensor, will track women’s health, gives you mindful breathing exercises, hydration tracking, and fitness tracking, of course. But, it still goes way beyond that. Use it as a coach, create your own workouts, get your texts and notifications, use it for safety and tracking, and even use Garmin Pay for contactless checkout in stores. This watch is amazing with all that it does. Not to mention, it’s water resistant and very comfortable to wear.

We’ve got a great gift idea for you. Treat your favorite person to the gift of endless fires, great conversation, and quality time. How? By gifting them a gorgeous stainless steel Yukon 2.0 from Solo Stove. This extra large fire pit will be the centerpiece of many gatherings with friends and family. It’s honestly beautiful to look at as it is, but even more so when a roaring fire is lit within. An added perk to having the Yukon 2.0 is that it is smokeless. Believe it or not, even though that sounded hard to believe to me when I first heard, it’s true. Other than stoking the fire or starting it, you can sit comfortably around the fire without smoke following you wherever you go or burning your eyes. You don’t even smell like you’ve been around a campfire. A great feature I love–it has a removable base plate and ash pan to make it very easy to clean up and stay clean. You will find yourself coming up with excuses to go sit outside and enjoy the outdoors, no matter the time of year. In fact, how great does it sound to gather around the fire and watch the stars, enjoying some peace and tranquility rather than sitting in front of a screen? Sounds heavenly to me, and I know from experience, it most definitely is! This makes a great gift that will last a lifetime, with a warranty to back it up!

The Copper Canyon LX4 by Eureka! is a great family tent, perfect for camping at sites where your you are able to park nearby. It’s so easy to set up, even by yourself, and you can stand up at full height inside (hooray!). It feels so roomy inside, which makes camping so much more pleasurable. It has tons of great storage pockets, an awning, and mesh windows. A great tent to use by yourself or with 3 others!

We recommend the Eureka! SPRK Camp Stove to give to someone who loves to explore the outdoors by camping. It’s low profile and carrying case make it so nice to take with you wherever you go. It has a precise simmer control that make cooking especially easy. Super affordable and super easy to clean up after you use it.

When unwinding at the end of the night while outdoors, it’s always great to have some great tunes to listen to. Bonfire Speakers are perfect for this. This bluetooth speaker offers great sound quality and some cool ambiance lighting reminiscent of campfires. You can hang it up to enjoy it or take it with you where ever you want to go. It makes a great gift and it is very portable.

Whether you are camping, going on a picnic, enjoying a football game, on a plane, or just want to snuggle up, my new favorite blanket is the Original Puffy from Rumpl. This is the most comfortable blanket with tons of great features–it’s weather and stain resistant and made of 100% post consumer recycled materials. They can be taken literally everywhere, they stash in a carrying case making it a breeze to keep with you. I love the cape clip, a great feature that makes it a cinch to wrap the blanket around you and clip together to stay on your shoulders. Brilliant! There are so many colors and patterns to choose from, you may just want to get one for everyone on your list this year!

I am loving the different flashlights available from Maglite for holiday gifts. The Complete Home Bundle is a must-have for every household.These heavy-duty professional quality flashlights are designed to last a lifetime. Grab a couple and store them in areas of your home that you can easily access them when the need occurs. I love keeping the City Life Kit in my car for emergencies, too. This case has the Mini Maglite Pro LED Pocket/Purse flashlight and an even smaller Solitaire LED key chain flashlight. The Mini Maglite has the capability to light up to 2 football fields away, while the key chain flashlight shines 50 yards away! Talk about powerful and great for emergencies! Of course, these are essential when you are adventuring, not just for your home or car. Don’t ever be left in the dark, always keep great Maglite products with you for your safety. Check out their site for tons of great options for everyone.

We are loving KAVU’s clothing line for both men and women. Their clothing is designed specifically for those that love to adventure and spend time outdoors. It’s actually everything they are about. “KAVU is also an aviation acronym for “clear above visibility unlimited,” when there isn’t a cloud in the sky and you can see to the horizon. That limitless feeling is our guiding philosophy and the attitude we bring to all we do. It means treating every day like it’s special, and then getting out and doing whatever invigorates you and makes you smile. That’s a KAVU Day.” Their clothing is built for being outdoors and exploring all there is to do. We love them! Some of our favorites that would make great gifts this holiday season?We love their Sasquatch To Dot long sleeve t-shirt. It’s so comfortable and perfect for everyday. Pick up a Cooper high pile fleece sherpa vest for the perfect layer to keep your core warm while outside. Top it off with a Trawler beanie and you are good to go! There are so many great pieces to choose from, it could be hard to pick. But that’s ok. Just know that no matter what you choose, they will love it!

The Gerber Lockdown Drive is a great gift to give for those who are always exploring and in the outdoors. It’s low profile and modern look are very appealing. It’s loaded with a double-sided bit driver, replaceable #11 blade, awl, plain edge blade, and a file. It’s great for the DIY-er, as well!

Readywise is a favorite for all sorts of reasons, especially for emergency preparedness. However, when it comes to camping and adventures, it is a great solution to take with you on the go. Their Adventure Meals Favorites Kit is loaded with meal pouches that will keep you fueled as you tackle the outdoors. A great gift for those that are always on the go and planning their next excursion.

Now, if your favorite person loves to spend time outdoors, I have a very cool gift idea for you. Give them the stars! Or at least a star. Their very own star! Star Registration makes this process super easy and fun. You can buy a star to give your favorite person. Simply select the characteristics you want. Start with a basic star, or one in a constellation, or a binary star. I picked that one, but no matter which one you pick, it’s guaranteed to be able to be visible from the sky. The binary stars are the brightest and largest. You can name your own star once you select it and register it in the star registry, so that star will always belong to you! What a cool gift! It comes with a beautiful gift set to easily give to the recipient and clear instructions on how to easily locate your star. Now when they spend time outside at night, they can look at the sky and know there is one special star in the sky just for them!

*products were received to facilitate a feature, all opinions are my own. Some links may be affiliate links*

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