2022 Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for the Fitness Fans

I was recently introduced to Public Rec and now that I have tried them, I want you to, as well! Their clothes are absolutely amazing! For women, I love, love, love their All Day Joggers. I am short, so I can have a really hard time finding pants that fit well. Public Rec designs pants for women that you can select your inseam and waist measurements for the absolute best fit possible. Wearing these joggers makes me want to throw out all my other clothes and just replace them with these. Pair them with the All Day Jacket and it makes the perfect outfit for activities of all sorts. I really can’t stress enough how comfortable and flattering these clothes are. I also love their Here to There Leggings sized the same way the joggers are. Absolute perfect fit for exercising and they are so soft on your skin. Be sure to get their Here to There Longline Bra for the ultimate workout gear.

For men, Public Rec has great selections, as well. They also have the All Day Joggers designed for men (try them!), but we also are crazy about their Flex Shorts. Available in a variety of great looking colors, these shorts can literally take you through all the activities–running, weights, and even swimming. You can select lined or unlined and various inseam lengths for the perfect fit. These are a must-have for every guy. Not only do they have great clothes for the gym, but the have clothes that can you take you everywhere else in optimum comfort. Their pants, waffle-knit hoodies and their Better Than Down Bomber jackets deserve a place in every man’s wardrobe!

For those that want to go back to exercising in a fun way, we highly recommend grabbing a pair of your own Rollerblades. These Twister XT Rollerblades far surpass the inline skates we were first introduced to all those years ago. These are all about comfort and support (no more aching ankles) and excellent performance. A great way to upgrade your game or gift to someone who you know will love inline skating as much as you do. These Rollerblades are loaded with tons of great features and upgrades that will make you want to find any excuse to use them. Exercising–of course! Family time–definitely! Commuting to work–why not?!

Want to get out in the fresh air more? It’s good for the soul! But, for it to be good for the sole, you’re going to want to pick up some KURU footwear. It’s essential to me to have good supportive shoes. As I’ve gotten older, my feet have become a bit more sensitive to everything. I have to have great support so I don’t pay for it later. KURU has so many options for people with all sorts of needs. They really cater to protecting your feet and adding comfort to shoes to make being active as effortless as possible. I love their Chicane Men’s Trail Hiking Shoe for keeping feet ventilated and well supported. These rugged shoes will take you anywhere you want to go. Their Roam shoe is the greatest redesigned tennis shoe with a great look. They will take you to work, long walks, anywhere you need to go, all the while making you feel oh so good. They are designed to cup your heel with every step, making you feel like you are walking on air. Incredible!

For women, I love their Stride shoe. It slips on like a sock, but is so cushioned, you literally feel like you could walk forever. It comes in a variety of styles to fit in with your wardrobe and take you from one activity to the next. For hiking, I wouldn’t consider leaving the house without my Chicane shoes, the women’s version of the trail hiking shoe we love for men.

For those that love to go to the gym, we love new products from BlenderBottle! The Vooray x BlenderBottle Gym Bag is such a great design, with compartments for everything. Separate zippable shoe compartment, place for your cell phone, roomy main area for your clothes, and of course, the perfect sized pocket for your favorite BlenderBottle for pre or post workout drinks. It’s sleek profile and blast of inner color makes it the perfect gym bag. Speaking of your favorite BlenderBottle, you will want to see all the great varieties of bottles now available. There is a different style for everyone–guys, gals, teens, you name it! I love the Marvel Hero Elite Series Stainless Steel shakers, perfect for the one that is partial to a particular super hero. The Captain America stainless shaker is off the charts! I also love the limited edition Strada Insulated Stainless Steel in the USA Red. Show your love of the USA and keep your drinks cold 24 hours a day! For a bit of glam on the go, the Radian Insulated Stainless Steel is incredible! Be sure to catch some of their Special Edition protein shakers for some cool Christmas themed ones, too!

For those who are serious about their nutrition, you’ve got to try Ancestral Supplements. These supplements are off the charts! Bear Grylls is a fan and you will be, too, once you give them a chance. Great for both men and women, athletic performance and overall health, these unorthodox vitamins take us back to our roots, back to our ancestors. There was a time when we were stronger, healthier and fit. We were designed to endure and could endure more than we have grown accustomed to. The company’s idea is that we go back to the time when we as people consumed whole animals, not just the muscles. It provided us with better raw nutrients needed to be our best. With that in mind, their supplements take the nutrients we no longer get and make them accessible to us. Their Beef Liver, MOFO, FEM, Heart, and Ancestral Minerals are just some of the supplements we have tried and they are incredible! Their products are sourced in New Zealand and Australia, freeze dried and then available to us without all the fillers you can find in other supplements. Give the gift of health this holiday season!

Give the gift of recovery for those that love intensive workouts. The PowerBoost Flex Massager from Sharper Image embraces a unique, innovative design that allows the arm of the massager to rotate up to a 120° angle around the shaft. This new design makes it easier for users to target hard-to-reach areas of the body. The PowerBoost Flex offers 6 massage intensity levels, a carrying case, and 4 interchangeable attachment nodes: round, flat, fork, and cone. One charge provides 4.5 hours of usage. They will love this gift!

A great gift for those that love to exercise, or those who want to get better at exercising, is the Venu Sq 2 from Garmin. This watch is good for men or women and comes in a variety of colors and face sizes. Whichever one you pick, you will have selected a fantastic smartwatch and health tracker. It will track specific exercises, your steps, heart rate, sleep tracking, stress tracking, it has a pulse ox sensor, will track women’s health, gives you mindful breathing exercises, hydration tracking, and fitness tracking, of course. But, it still goes way beyond that. Use it as a coach, create your own workouts, get your texts and notifications, use it for safety and tracking, and even use Garmin Pay for contactless checkout in stores. This watch is amazing with all that it does. Not to mention, it’s water resistant and very comfortable to wear.

*products were received to facilitate a feature, all opinions are my own. Some links may be affiliate links*

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