2022 Holiday Gift Guide: Cooking & Entertaining

Being from New Jersey, you’d better believe we love a great pizza. We’ve had a hard time finding a new favorite pizza place in the West. No offense to the big chains, but it leaves a lot to be desired. In our search for the perfect pizza, I realized that it you want something done right, it’s often best to do it yourself. YES! It’s so true, if you want to eat the perfect pizza, you have to make the perfect pizza. So we got a Stoke Pizza Oven to see if that would make it possible to achieve! I’m happy to report that our mission was accomplished. Small in stature but huge in power, this portable gas-powered pizza oven comes with everything you need to get started to make perfect gourmet pizzas in your own backyard. (Know that a wood powered oven is also available!) It’s so much fun to make the dough, assemble the pizzas, and then watch them cook to perfection quick as a flash. The cook time is literally a couple of minutes as the pizza oven heats up to 900 degrees. I love this for a gift because for those that love to grill or cook, it’s learning a new skill and creating experiences to be enjoyed by everyone who is lucky enough to be around to get a piece. Set up/clean up is a breeze and everything can be packed away in a convenient carrying case to store or for travel to use for tailgating or camping, if you want to take it out of your own yard. This gift will be a huge hit!

I love cooking with cast iron. Some foods just cook better on that type of equipment. I love the heft and sturdiness of a cast iron casserole. Even distribution of heat makes cooking a breeze. I have started to transition a good portion of my cooking vessels to cast iron, in fact. However, I’ve never had the pleasure of cooking with Chantal cookware until recently. I need to rethink everything now. Their cookware is the ultimate for me. I have a large family and frequently entertain, which can be a challenge when trying to find cookware that will accommodate my needs. Once I found Chantal products, I found that these were, indeed, a game changer. I want to stock my cupboards with all of their products. Besides being absolutely fabulous to use and having my meals turn out wonderfully, these come in really bright, beautiful colors. It makes me want to display them because they are so nice. They also come in great sizes. Their 7 quart cast iron dutch oven is my favorite to cook with for entertaining. It is very roomy and allows me to make big meals without worrying about it not fitting. In fact, it’s perfect for holiday entertaining. So you should probably ask for some for Christmas, and you should also probably pick some up now for all the holiday cooking you have to do!

Love great BBQ? BBQ Dragon is the end all, be all in must-have BBQ accessories. My husband loves to grill and smoke food and these tools make his life easier, which is always a great thing. We love the Chimney of Insanity XL paired with the  BBQ Dragon Fan for the fastest way to get a charcoal grill up and running in virtually no time at all. We are super impressed at how well these tools are designed and highly recommend them. While you are browsing their shop online, be sure to pick up the greatest lighter ever–the USB Rechargeable Arc Lighter, it’s the best!

Busy whipping up a gourmet feast in the kitchen for all your friends and loved ones? Simplify your life by getting a Kitchen Wand from Black + Decker. This cordless multi-tool makes cooking a breeze. It’s cordless design makes it so easy to use on literally everything. I love to use in baking or making soups and sauces. There are six attachments, an immersion blender, whisk, milk brother, can opener, and and 2-in-1 spice grinder. It’s actually amazing! This is a great gift to give to yourself or your favorite chef. You can find it in three color options, black, red with stainless accent, or grey with a copper accent. It comes with a very convenient storage case to keep all the components together and easy to store. You can find it for purchase on Amazon.

Want to try your hand at making your own bread? Dash offers a great, affordable option to give it a try! The Everyday 1.5 lb bread maker comes in a few color ways to compliment your kitchen. It’s super easy to use and gives you a dozen different ways to use it. You can make artisan dough, French bread, gluten-free bread, cakes and even jam in this multi-function, powerful mini machine.

I was recently introduced to Midnight Kitchen Tools and, let me tell you, they are a game changer! These gorgeous, modern looking kitchen accessories are amazing! Give their Midnight Scoop for the easiest and smoothest ice cream scooping you’ve ever experienced. Give their Midnight Slice for those pizza connoisseurs. Better yet, give them both available in the Midnight Kitchen Tools Set for a great gift that every household needs. What is the difference between these and every other pizza slicer and ice cream scoop? First of all, the look incredible. But most importantly, it’s all in the ergonomic design. Made to use the power from your arm and chest muscles instead of your weaker wrist, it’s just so much more effective. They are made of stainless steel that is dishwasher safe and they are made to last!

I am absolutely loving the Baltique Malta collection of cooking utensils from Totally Bamboo. These completely unique utensils are sure to be conversation pieces. I’ve never seen such beautiful utensils before. Each utensil is made of layers of colored birched wood to create gorgeous patterns. But, they are not all about their looks. They are incredibly good at their sole function–cooking. You can use them as serving pieces for salads and sides, cook with them for soups, use the spatulas for anything you would need on the stove. They wash up very well (always hand wash, though!) and when they are not in use, they look stunning in the matching utensil holder. I instantly fell in love with the Malta collection, but there are many other color options to choose from. Any color collection would make an amazing gift!

A fantastic gift to give anyone that loves to entertain is a large Acacia Cheese Board from Lynn & Liana Designs. These completely unique boards are perfect to display and create a large charcuterie for guests for the holidays or any time they have friends over. Each board is made of Acacia wood and epoxy resin. They come in a variety of beautiful colors to accent any gathering. They are gorgeous and they arrive looking that way, too, packaged very neatly, ready to gift. While I highly recommend this for a gift, I suggest picking yourself up one, as well!

The Blender X from Modern Comfort is actually a really versatile gift. Give one to those that love to go tailgating, those who love to camp, the traveler, the fitness guru or the cook. Every single one of them will find a different way to really utilize this portable blender. I love the ability to take this cordless, battery-powered blender anywhere. It is powerful and really effective at making great portion sized smoothies, protein drinks on the go, sauces for entertaining, you name it, we’ve found this compact blender to a life safer in the kitchen and beyond. A great gift to give and receive!

For all your upcoming Christmas baking, you can’t go wrong with anything from The Silicone Kitchen. I adore their 3 piece silicone spatula set for everyday use. Each shape serves an important purpose in my kitchen and I love their durability. These are high quality pieces! I also love their baking mats to save my sanity when doing any kind of baking. My baking comes out so well whenever I use them. These make fantastic gifts for the baker in your life! I’ve used an air fryer for quite some time now, but using their silicone air fryer basket makes a huge difference in cooking and clean up. A great gift for anyone who has discovered the magic of the air fryer!

I love gifts that are long lasting. I love the idea of gifting a tree that will grow and produce fruit each year and remind the recipient of who gave it to them. It’s an especially thoughtful gift for someone that loves to cook. There are so many types of trees available here. I love the Russian Hardy Pomegranate tree that is growing in my backyard. Clearly, I know nothing about growing fruit trees. I wanted to know, but I had zero experience with it. Not a problem because Perfect Plants was an excellent resource for me to find out exactly how to do plant it, how to take care of it, and it is flourishing. Rest assured anything you pick from this online retailer will come with fantastic customer service and lots of advice on how to successfully grow your own trees and plants. If you don’t know what to select, they can help you with that, too, and customize recommendations for your area and what works best in your planting zone. When picking out your own gifts, be sure to use code MYPLANTS10 for 10% off your purchase!

For those that love to cook and entertain, spices are essential. Great quality spices, especially. The Spice House is the end-all, be-all for gift giving. Whether it is for a wedding gift or a Christmas gift, there is no end to the possibilities the gourmet spices available from The Spice House can bring to someone’s home. The Essential Spices Collection, 24 fresh spices they personally recommend for every home, is a great place to start. It is loaded with specialty curated spices from around the world. After spending time in Chicago, I am especially fond of their Chicago Heritage Deluxe Collection of spices they have created to reflect over 60 years of The Spice House’s existence in Chicago and the surrounding areas. It’s a celebration of the culture and chefs in Chicago and one that definitely deserves a place in your home, as well. Be sure to visit their site to select just the right gift set for your favorite home chef.

For those that want to consolidate their cooking gear, Our Place’s Always Pan is a very popular choice. This all in one pan can virtually replace your fry pan, saute pan, steamer, skillet, saucier, saucepan, non-stick pan, spatula, and spoon rest. Imagine the space you could save having everything in one item! I think this is a perfect gift for college students and newly weds, especially. I love the bright colors that can match any decor and the ease and cooking consistency in which the pan performs. Pair it with some of the new cookware add-ons like the egg poacher for creating great family breakfasts! A great gift idea!

When it comes to entertaining, great canapé knives are wonderful to have. We are loving Mackenzie-Childs check canapé knives for all the charcuterie and appetizer spreads for the holiday season. These stainless knives will be a timeless look for all of your future entertaining needs and will always gets lots of comments from your guests.

*products were received to facilitate a feature, all opinions are my own. Some links may be affiliate links*


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