Titanic: The Musical

Playing at the Hale Center Theatre in Sandy, Utah this month is Titanic: The Musical. We were invited* to the production when it premiered this weekend and I was anxious to see how such a show could be portrayed on stage.Although, I have seen hundreds of musicals, I have never before seen or heard this particular musical. Based, of course, on real people and real events, the story that unfolds on stage is the factual story of some of the “unsinkable” ship’s officers, crew and passengers.

We follow along on Titanic’s maiden and fateful voyage as she embarks from the White Star Dock at Southampton, England to set sail to New York in America. We are introduced to the magnificence and marvel that was The Titanic, as well as to numerous individuals who find their stories intertwined in history. First class, second class, third class, and the crew of the ship were represented to give us some insight into the background of the voyage. We learned the hopes and dreams, hardships, and all the exciting things life had in store for the passengers once they were to reach America.I loved learning the stories of actual historical people aboard the ship. In fact, the production of this musical did a fantastic job bringing their stories to life. When we arrived at the theater, we were even given a “passport” of one of the passengers on the ship. You could scan a QR code to find out their fate, which was really thought-provoking and heart-wrenching at the same time.

One aspect that was really explained very well throughout the show was the pressure being put on the Captain of the ship to push the boundaries and reach New York City in unprecedented time. I was unfamiliar with the logistics of breaking in a new vessel and the consequences of overworking its capabilities that were artistically explained throughout the musical numbers.

photo courtesy of Hale Center Theatre

The actors and singers were well suited to the show, all of whom worked very hard to create a wonderful performance enjoyed by all.

The great thing about seeing a show at Hale Center Theatre is definitely the placement of the stage. It is a theater in the round, meaning the audience completely surrounds the stage. There are no bad seats in the entire theater, so no matter where you are, you are intimately acquainted with the actors and sets. I was very curious to know just how they would bring the Titanic to life in such a setting, but they did a phenomenal job. The sets were very impressive and the details made you feel as if you were a passenger actually on board the ship. They did an amazing job!

Titanic: The Musical is playing now through Saturday, April 8th. You won’t want to miss your chance to enjoy this musical while it graces Hale Center Theatre’s stage. To learn more about the production and to purchase your own tickets, visit them online.

Winner of 5 Tony Awards!
 In 1912, a marvel of the modern age set sail from England for America…the finest, largest, strongest ship in the world called – in fact – the ‘unsinkable’ ship. The demise of the mighty TITANIC, therefore, remains a powerful memory of the twentieth century. This breathtaking musical powers in scale to the prestigious vessel – a factual story of her officers, crew and passengers. By Peter Stone and Maury Yeston.

Fri Feb 17 – Thu Feb 23 
Adult $57 – $63 • Youth (5-17) $28 – $31

Fri Feb 24 – Sat Apr 8 
Adult $61 – $67 • Youth (5-17) $30 – $33
No children under 5 permitted

*we were invited to the show to facilitate a feature, all opinions are my own*

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