Spring Refresh: Leeway Home

It’s officially Spring! I don’t know about you, but when it’s spring, I have an urge to get some big deep cleaning, organizing and decluttering done. It’s always so nice to open up those windows, get fresh air in, clean the house top to bottom. It’s always great to eliminate extra stuff lying around, too. Having everything organized and simplified makes you feel like you can tackle the world, doesn’t it?

It’s great to reset and get ready for spring sports schedules, vacations, graduations, weddings, and summer. While doing this recently, it came to my attention that my dishes are really beginning to take a turn for the worse. We eat family meals together constantly and frequently have big dinner parties, so our dishes get a ton of use. I was so surprised to see that a good amount of my dishes were starting to crack or chip really badly and I realized that I needed to say goodbye to these well-used dishes that had definitely seen better days. The dishes I had aren’t made anymore, so it was time to look at something new and fresh. I looked all over until I looked at Leeway Home.

I’d seen these dishes were included in Oprah’s Favorite Things last year and I remembered being interested in them then. So, I started exploring the site more and decided to give it a go. Let me tell you, I am so glad I did!

I selected The Full Way, Leeway Home’s all-in-one option. Inside this box are 44 pieces of exactly what you need: 4 Big Plates, 4 Small Plates, 4 Bowls, 4 Mugs, 4 Leeway Glasses, 4 Stemmed Wine Glasses, 8 Forks (big and small), 4 Knives, and 8 Spoons (big and small). You can choose from a variety of colors, available in both solids and stripes. I like white dishes, so I selected the solid The Full Way in white. I also ordered two boxes to give me 8 place settings, what I needed right off the bat. I love that I didn’t have to go shopping for each individual component to compliment the dishes. It was all done for me. I couldn’t wait for them to arrive!

Shipping was incredibly fast and they arrived quickly and very well packed. Upon unpacking the boxes, I was really impressed with the quality of the dishes. I tend to like simple, uncomplicated designs. But sometimes plain is boring and not exactly what I am looking for. These gorgeous white dishes were anything but boring. They had the greatest “bumpy” texture that looks really cool and are completely unique. They are simple and white, which I love, but they have great character to them, as well. The glasses are smooth and have a very nice weight to them. I don’t want overly heavy dishes, but the weight on the dishes and glassware have the perfect feel to them. The flatware is also great, with a heavy, solid feel to them. Actually, every quality about these dishes, glassware, and flatware feels very expensive. Aesthetically, the entire set looks incredible. You literally have everything you need to set your table fully in 30 seconds and it all looks really beautiful. The plates and mugs are handcrafted ceramic that are microwave and dishwasher safe, as is the hand blown glassware. The premium flatware is also dishwasher safe. So rest assured these pieces are very user-friendly and easy to maintain.

I love opening up my cupboards and seeing these new plates, glasses and flatware. It feels as if I did a really big spring refresh, just by changing up my dinnerware. I love seeing them being used at family dinners with my favorite people around the table. The compliments I receive about the dishes is non-stop, so that doesn’t hurt my feelings, either. It really only makes sense, as the co-founders of Leeway Home, Sam Dumas and Lyle Maltz, both have a background in fashion and design. Their vision of home decor is reflected in their products and we get to enjoy their creations.

I am so pleased with the collection and am so glad I upgraded my less than stellar plates I had before. Now that I’ve experienced Leeway Home’s quality products and customer service, I will not hesitate to purchase more sets, as needed, or give them as gifts for weddings and showers. I can’t rave about their products enough and hope you will give them a try, too!

Be sure to check them out. You can select entire sets, like The Full Way, or purchase individual products and add-ons.

Right now, you can enjoy a special discount just for reading about Leeway Home on The Mommy Avenger. For orders of $100 or more, simply put code Mommy20 in for 20% off. One use per customer. To learn more about Sam and Lyle, check out this article about them in Fashion Week Daily’s The Daily Front Row.

*product was received to facilitate a feature, all opinions are my own*

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