Entertaining with Emile Henry #Advertorial


I have fallen in love with Emile Henry cookware!  This ceramic cookware is gorgeous!  It is available in so many beautiful colors, it really dresses up any table.  I use their products very frequently and love them.  For the holiday season, I was sent some new products to try out and they don’t disappoint!

For cold winter nights, nothing beats coming together for dinner as a family to a warm, hearty meal.  I received an Emile Henry dutch oven in figue (my favorite color–a deep purple) to try out and I can tell you it is my favorite way to make soup or chili.  The food cooks so evenly and always ends up in terrific results.  You can purchase dutch ovens in various sizes and colors ranging from 2.6 quarts to 7 quarts.  The 2.6 quart stew pot holds quite a bit of food to feed my family of six and have left overs.  I have gotten so much use out of this pot!

One of my favorite seasonal items to bake is cranberry bread.  Having a high quality bread pan to bake it in is very important so it bakes evenly and then comes out cleanly.  Baking my bread in this bread panhas resulted in the best cranberry bread I have made. The pie dish I have also creates such a wonderful dessert, I can’t believe it.  Who knew that baking in ceramic versus glass would make such a difference?  I love the colorful bursts of color in my kitchen when baking in these high quality dishes.  I love that you can use this ceramic at all temperatures.  You can place it in the freezer and put it straight into the oven without fear of damage to the dishes or discoloration.

For fun entertaining, Emile Henry’s fondue pot is awesome!  This roomy ceramic pot fits a large amount of food for large gatherings (it is also 2.6 quarts).  It is designed to cook over fondue burners with the included stand or you can even heat it directly on the stove.  It easily can withstand very low temperatures and very high temperatures.  This pot, too, can go in the microwave or oven, all with excellent results.  I had not tried fondue before, but was happy to see that it is very fun and easy to do.  On the box it comes it, there is even a very delicious cheese fondue recipe, although it is helpful to be able to read French to make it.  A simple internet search for some key words will have you producing a crowd-pleasing recipe in no time!

Emile Henry are my favorite cooking products and I use them on a daily basis.  I am thrilled to have them in my kitchen, as they are wonderful products! You can purchase your own Emile Henry products online.

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