First Date the Musical

One of my favorite things about my job is getting to see lots of great shows.  Over the course of years, I have been able to see some very fun shows and some that were not so great.  But, I have seen hundreds of shows, so I feel I am qualified to tell you when something is really spectacular.  Last week, my husband and I were invited to see a preview of First Date on Broadway.  I knew nothing about the show beforehand and honestly didn’t expect much.  I was blown away by the show!

The premise of the musical is a first date between two strangers, Casey, played by Krysta Rodriguez (from Smash), and Aaron, played by Zachary Levi (of Chuck fame) set up by a family member.  Total opposites, the two of them navigate their first date on stage, taking us on the awkward, uncomfortable, and hilarious journey. Played out in real time, with some interjections from other influences, friends, and voices in their heads, the show will have you rolling with laughter, as well as surprisingly touched by some poignant moments.

The cast was phenomenal!  All of the cast members are on stage for the majority of the show, playing more than one character.  One of my favorite characters was Casey’s BFF Rodney.  He was hysterical and the songs he sang were fantastic.  The actors had a great rapport, and Casey and Aaron were so charming.

I love romantic comedies and have a handful of favorites, this show ranks up at the top of those, as well as at the top of my favorite Broadway shows.  Absolutely amazing!  I would go back to see this show over and over again and my only complaint is that I don’t have the cast recording to listen to because I loved the music and have been singing them in my head ever since.

This is a show I can’t rave about enough.  Get a babysitter, get online and order tickets, and march yourself straight to New York City with your spouse for a wonderful date you won’t forget.  First Date is now open at the Longacre Theatre located at 220 W. 48th Street in New York City. It closes next month, so be sure to get a move on!

*we were invited to view the show to facilitate a review, all opinions are my own.


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