Bring Some Life to Your Walls–Vinyl Letter Decor #Advertorial

Vinyl wall decor is huge and there is a reason why–it’s cool looking, easy to apply to your walls and doesn’t leave damage behind. Although there are tons of companies out on the internet that specialize in vinyl art, one particuarly store stands out to me for being absolutely wonderful–that is Vinyl Letter Decor.  Kim, the owner of the company, is fantastic! I can count on her to create the highest quality products and many of which are custom orders.

We are big BYU fans in this house.  Living in New Jersey, I don’t think I have ever seen anything for sale with BYU logos on it, understandably.  It’s not something that would be found here.  However, it is hard to find it anywhere.  My son, particuarly, is a huge fan, especially of their football team.  I had something in mind that I wanted to have created for his wall and I knew the one person that could create exactly what I was looking for was Kim at Vinyl Letter Decor.  I described what I wanted to her and before I knew it, she had the exact image created for me in brilliant king blue that I was looking for.  I was so impressed!

When it arrived, it was ready to apply to his wall–a large 22 ” x 35″ BYU symbol that looks awesome!  It is so easy to apply her vinyl to the walls (and I might add very forgiving if you slip up while trying to apply).  It takes just a few minutes to make a very bold and fun statement to any wall.

I can’t rave about her products and her customer service enough–she is awesome!!  You can order existing products for every room in your house, or have her create a custom project just for you, by visiting her site.



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