Aventura Clothing for Moms #Advertorial

One of my very favorite clothing brands for women is Aventura.  I love the luxurious feel of their clothing.  It’s no surprise that with the way their clothing is, I would end up absolutely adoring their accessories, too.

I was sent a couple of great items to check out that I know moms everywhere will love this holiday season.  The Norris scarf is absolutely stunning.  Made of 100% Viscose, it is very soft to the touch and will compliment any outfit while keeping you warm.  Perfect for a fun day trip or night out in the city!

I have been looking for a hat that would keep me warm when we go into New York.  I am not really someone that loves to wear hats, so it has been a bit of a challenge to find something cute, but functional.  Up until now, I hadn’t had any luck.  Then I encountered the Ellis hat.  It is perfect for was I need.  It’s very flattering, substantial, but not too heavy, made of courderoy, available in a few colors–I love the nightshade!  But the best part?  It is lined with the softest faux fur lining.  I happen to have a vest from Aventura that is lined with the same material and it’s one of my very favorite pieces of clothing.  So, I was thrilled to see the hat is made with the same material.  It keeps you warm and toasty, perfect for winters on the East Coast!

Moms everywhere will love to have these great gifts under the tree this season!  To find great clothing and to order your own accessories, visit their site online.


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