Printing Up A Storm


I have four school age kids and my husband and I both have home offices. Things can be busy here!  So, you can imagine my frustration when every single time I go to print, I am either out of ink (AKA it dried up) despite replacing the cartridges at a whopping $60 a week before, or there is some sort of problem recognizing the printer/computer connection. As we all have laptops, we would also need to hook up cables to even try to print.  I think our printer would work 1 out of every 10 tries.  Absolutely ridiculous!  My kids were annoyed because their school assignments were being thwarted, which does not make for a good working environment!

I couldn’t take it anymore!  This monstrosity of a printer was taking up a lot of real estate in my office and wasn’t even reliable!  Thankfully, I was able to partner with Epson to try out a newly released printer, the Epson Expression Photo XP-950 Small-in-One Printer. I have never used Epson printers before, although I have used one of their photo scanners that I loved, so I was really excited to see what their printers would be like.  I have always been a consumer of another very large brand of printers, although I have only used them for convenience and never really thought they were all that great. But, really, how great do you expect a printer to be?  Clearly, I had low expectations based on my previous experience with personal printers.  Would Epson be any different…really?

So, I received the XP-950 last week to check out. I was happy to throw my old worthless machine out and give this one a try. Normally, I would leave the set up of a machine like this to my husband, as I don’t really like doing it, but I decided to take over the installation of this printer to see how difficult it was.  Inside the well packaged box were very simple instructions that this girl could easily understand (hooray!).  Seriously, within 10 minutes, I had it unpacked, set up and printing!  That’s a miracle, I want you to know!  The XP-950 was a breeze to set up!

I have never been one to get worked up and excited about printers, but I have to tell you, this thing is AMAZING!  It is very sleek and it doesn’t have any bulky trays sticking out of the top to collect dust.  Instead, when you print, a tray pops out of the front (which can be put back in when not in use).  It has a very easy to use touch screen on the front of the machine for controls. So here’s the cool thing–I can print wirelessly from my computer, my kid’s computer, my iPad, and my iPhone!  And, it prints so quickly!  Setting up the wireless feature was so quick, I was surprised.  Printing anything on my old printer was a chaotic disaster and now, thanks to Epson, it’s a breeze!

Not only can it print your everyday needs, but it also allows you to print spectacular photos.  Loading the paper isn’t a hassle, as the paper tray has an adjustable slide to allow photo paper of all sizes to be placed within.  There is also a feeder tray that can be opened in the back to allow 11 x 17 paper for a wider format.  Great features for photo enthusiasts!  Although I take tons of pictures of my family, I never printed photos on my old printer because they looked awful and it was so hard to load the paper.  This really couldn’t be any easier to do, which tells me I am in for some great new additions to my walls as I print off my favorite pictures!  The color spectrum of the print cartridges captures all the brilliance you would want in a photo.  I am really so impressed!


I really didn’t think that I could be so excited about a printer, but Epson has me blown away with the quality of this exceptional printer.  I can’t rave about it enough!  I am so excited to play with it and learn all the extra features I haven’t quite discovered, and reading over the user manual, I have lots to learn because it can do so much!  I highly recommend purchasing this Epson Expression Photo XP-950 Small-In-One Printer.  You can learn more about the features by visiting Epson’s website, as well as purchase your own there.

*Product was received to facilitate a review, all opinions are my own.

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