The Piano Guys Live on Tour (AKA The Best Live Concert for Families, Ever!)

piano guys2

Dear Piano Guys,

While on vacation in Orlando this past December, as we were unwinding from a busy day of theme parks, we gathered together as a family.  My husband wanted to show our kids a beautiful song called “Waterfall,” written by a very young Jon Schmidt, a person that he had gotten to meet and listen to while living in Utah, as his older sister used to play with him. He stumbled upon a group called The Piano Guys.  Immediately, he was drawn in to watch the videos and he started sharing them with the rest of our family.  We were mesmerized and stayed there listening and watching these incredible videos for quite some time.  From that point on, we’ve been hooked!

Many a family night have been spent enjoying the musical stylings of The Piano Guys, watching creative videos that find us visiting gigantic cliffs in southern Utah, the Great Wall of China, and icy dwellings that remarkably also have your instruments there, too!  Enjoying the musical arrangements and classical and contemporary mash ups of The Piano Guys is an experience we have all loved.  You are incredibly talented musicians!

When we heard that you were touring, we knew that we had to come and see your show live!  We were fortunate to have the opportunity to see the show last night in Sewell, NJ.  We happily drove the two hour trip to come and see you on a school night and our children were more than happy to accompany us. As amazing as it is to see your videos, they do not compare to seeing your performance in person. It was spectacular to hear you live.

Aside from the obvious enjoyment of listening to the music, there was more to what we enjoyed. Some very valuable life lessons are reflected in your work.  For example, you have shown us what dedication and hard work can do. I have some budding musicians in my family and hearing the stories of practicing the piano and cello growing up brought a new perspective to them.  Seeing what practice has done for you as musicians is so inspiring!   I love that The Piano Guys are four Mormon dads from Utah that have 16 kids between them.  You totally own who you are and are not afraid to share it with everyone. In the world we live in today, it is so very refreshing to see a group of performers not compromising their integrity for popularity.  You express your beliefs and those values are infused in your music.  What great role models you are for your audiences!

I love that my children think it is cool to listen to your CDs and videos, as your music is so uplifting and happy.  It brings joy to our home as they play, read and do homework. Many happy memories have been made with the soundtrack of The Piano Guys in the background for our family, one of which was enjoying your performance last night.  So, as a Mormon mom of four boys, I would like to thank you for being untraditional, breaking the mold, creating something magnificent, and sharing your musical talents with the world, and letting us follow on your journey.

We can’t wait to come back to see you again and look forward to hearing more from you in the future!


Mary Ann

*We were invited to come see The Piano Guys live in concert, all opinions are my own.  I highly recommend listening to their music and seeing them live ( you can still get tickets to some US venues).  One of the highlights of the show was enjoying all four of The Piano Guys onstage performing One Direction’s What Makes You Beautiful.  Here is the YouTube video for you to enjoy!


  1. So sweet! Did you actually send this letter? I’m sure they would love to get such a thoughtful piece of fanmail.

  2. I don’t actually know anything about this band (maybe I’ve been under a rock?), but I love that it’s music that the whole family can enjoy.

  3. Well, mission accomplished because I am now slightly addicted! I love this! Not only is this super neat to watch, but it makes beautiful music! Thank you so much for sharing about them! I am now off to stalk their YouTube videos!

  4. Wow! I’ve never seen someone play the piano like that before, but I love it! Sounds beautiful too. I think I’d really enjoy seeing them in concert.

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