Fancy Footwork

Summer always has us on the go. Whether it is finds us heading to the beach or the pool, a movie or going to an event, a graduation, or a wedding. We are always moving!

With four kids and all these varying places to go, we need a lot of shoes! Sometimes, it can be mind boggling just how many pairs we need. We need sandals, sneakers, and dress shoes at a minimum. Times four!

As I’ve gotten older and busier with the family, I realize just how important it is to save time. Taking my kids shopping and trying on shoes all day long isn’t as fun as it sounds. So you can imagine how happy I was when I realized all the great varieties of shoes Stride Rite has online! In one quick and easy shopping experience, I was able to sit with a couple of my boys and search for the shoes they were wanting, without it turning into a huge ordeal! Yay!

I had the opportunity to do just that not long ago to find a pair of sandals and dress shoes for my eight year old.  He had a very specific idea of what he wanted for sandals.  He knew he wanted something comfortable and easy to put on, but he did not want flip-flops.  He wanted something sturdy and sporty, something that would allow him to go frog catching and go to the play ground equally well. A quick look online at Stride Rite and low and behold, he found exactly what he was looking for with these Sperry Top-Sider Wet Tech Fisherman Sandal.  My son is hard on shoes and has been known to completely destroy a pair within a week of getting them, so looking them over, they seemed rugged enough to work.

 stride rite

We were sent a pair of them to try out and this mom is happy to report that they are awesome!  They are seriously rugged enough for him, which is saying a lot! He loves how easy they are to put on, the comfort of them, and has already taken them on some crazy eight year old adventures.  I am very pleased with them and would order another pair for next summer in a heartbeat!

We also have a lot of events to go to that require some fancier footwear, sneakers and sandals won’t due for graduations, weddings and church.  But finding dress shoes is really trying for me.  I was overjoyed to see that Stride Rite has a huge assortment of very nice looking dress shoes, too.

We were able to pick out a couple of pairs for my boys, Stride Rite’s own Taft, available in both black and brown. They are perfect for our needs and ended up being extremely comfortable and stylish looking.  Now, their tootsies are happy and they look great!  Win-win for everyone!


We had a fantastic experience shopping and then wearing the shoes we got from Stride Rite. I know I will be shopping for these high quality shoes until my kids no longer fit into their sizes and I highly recommend them to you! In the market for some new shoes?  Check out Stride Rite’s website.  Here you can enjoy a special 25% discount off sandals and clearance items until July 7th.  So get shopping!

*products were received to facilitate a review, all opinions are my own.

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