A Surprisingly Common Sight

I grew up in Colorado. Huge mountain ranges, open space and room for the deer and the antelope to play. Who would have guessed that this is the sight I see quite frequently living outside of New York City?


black bear

Yes, you saw that right, it’s a bear and it’s not in a National Park, zoo, or conservation. It’s in my neighborhood. I normally encounter them when it wouldn’t be smart to pull out a phone and snap a picture. This time I was taking my kids to a neighbor’s house to play, so I had the protection of my car to grab a quick picture.

I know from April through November, this is something I will see quite a bit of, but it’s still something I have a hard time wrapping my head around.

black bear

Have you ever come face to face with a wild animal? I would love to know about it!


  1. Woah! There are a lot of bears in Sequoia Ntl Park…if you leave as much as a granola bar unattended in the car they’ll find it! But of course we’re in their home so need to respect them.

  2. That is crazy! I live in Arizona where we have Mountain Lions and I’ve yet to see one with my own eyes, I can’t imagine seeing a bear. However I have seen a little black bear in Southern Arizona after camping. Thankfully I was in my car, it was small and were driving away because we had just packed up camp.

  3. Man, I know there are animals out there…we live in Michigan. But I’m so so so glad I don’t see them. I might never let the kdis out to play again, lol.

  4. I see the same think in my neighbors yard about a month or so ago. Your bear is bigger than the one I seen though. There are frighting when they are so close to home.

  5. I have never seen a bear in its habitat. It would be fun to see one at a safe distance. Not going through my trash though. That would be a bummer.

  6. Running into a bear is unlikely in my country – but seeing one right there – is amusing for me

  7. To be fair, your neighborhood looks pretty forest-like! I would be terrified to come across one though!

  8. I came face to face with a buffalo and it was scary. I wanted to take a photo of it so jumped out of the car. My family yelled me back in. Thanks for sharing your beer sighting.

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