Retro Futura Tour

My husband and I grew up in the 1980s and both absolutely loved alternative music. It’s the soundtrack to our lives. Friday was our 17th wedding anniversary and it was only natural that the way we celebrated was by attending the Retro Futura Tour in Philadelphia at the Keswick Theatre.

What’s the Retro Futura Tour? Only the greatest concert EVER! Katrina from Katrina and the Waves, China Crisis, Midge Ure from Ultravox, Howard Jones, and Tom Bailey from the Thompson Twins all under one roof for an amazing night of music!

You would know Katrina from the 80’s hit “Walking on Sunshine”, but I have to admit China Crisis and Ultravox were a little bit before my time. No matter, though, because they both rocked the stage. I was loving the lead singer of China Crisis. He wore a dress and blazer with sandals. He had a serious charisma that made their show incredible. Their music was really good! Midge Ure was also an amazing musician and even without being familiar with his songs, we completely enjoyed his talent.

Howard Jones

But, the reason we went to see the show was for Howard Jones and Tom Bailey. Two of our very favorites and we got to see them live! Howard was great and put on a spectacular show, we knew all of his songs and he had a great rapport with the audience. We loved his segment of the concert.  Not only was he fantastic to hear, he also put on a really interesting visual component which was really fun to see.

Tom Bailey

However, nothing quite compared to Tom Bailey stepping on stage after not performing for 27 years. As I was only 10 years old when he stopped touring, I never had the chance to see him, but I know and love his music so well. As much as I loved it, I was not prepared for what we were about to experience. Hit after hit was played like “Doctor! Doctor!”, “Lies,” “You Lift Me Up,” “King for a Day,” and more. Over an hour of performing and it wasn’t enough to play all of the songs they had. I especially loved “If You Were Here,” a long-time favorite song featured in Sixteen Candles. To end the night, he played “Hold Me Now,” and much to the surprise of him and the audience, it ended in an a cappella sing along that left every one in the room feeling uplifted and on an emotional high. It was an incredible experience!

Retro Futura Tour 2014

This YouTube video captured the moment (credit goes to Steve Vitalidal) at the concert the night we were there.

Our Thompson Twins CD from the 1980s had long since been damaged, so we had to pick up a CD to listen to on the way home, it was too good of a concert to not continue listening to their songs!

I have been to a ton of notable concerts and I have to say, this was one of the very best ones I have ever been to. It lasted a solid four hours and it was so great, I considered traveling up to Boston to see the next show. Unfortunately,it just didn’t work with our schedule. But that doesn’t mean I won’t find a way to go see them in one of their limited engagements on this Retro Futura Tour!

Check out their website to see if they are coming to a city near you and if they are–you must go! You won’t regret it!


  1. I am glad you enjoyed the concert! Yes, I agree I love 80’s music. Def Leppard and Blondie are some of my favorites!

  2. Happy Anniversary! Sounds like a great night and some great music. I don’t recgonize any of the music but I am sure you enjoyed it.

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