Wonder Works


Wonder Works

If you have spent anytime in Orlando, you may have noticed the large upside down structure on International Drive. I know we had all been wondering what it was. Maybe a museum? We really didn’t know. What we found inside was something so cool, we regret not having gone to see it sooner.This gigantic building holds limitless options for family fun.  Mind-blowing experiences and science based experiments meet a large play land.  This is non-stop entertainment for every member of the family and we were thrilled to be invited* to come and check it out during our visit to Orlando last month.

The upside down building theme continues inside as you travel  floor to floor.  Interactive exhibits, such as experiencing a hurricane, laying on a bed of nails (I loved it!), blowing ginormous bubbles, and feeling the effects of an earthquake were the first of many sites that were before us.  We loved playing Mind Ball with each other.  This was a battle of the brains (quite literally) as we put on head pieces that used the power of brain waves to move a ping-pong ball towards or away from you to the person you are competing against.  Whoever sends the ball to the other side first wins.  We all got a kick out of this to see if we could figure out who of the six of us were the most stubborn after all.  I will have you know, I was never beat!  But, we had to call a tie when two of my boys could not determine a winner after 15 minutes.  Looks like we have some serious will power in this house!



wonder brite

Giant pianos and an awesome throwback to my childhood, the Wonder Brite, which was a life-sized version of Lite Brite, were some of the other things we found.  A definite favorite was the gyroscope, a contraption that is not for the faint of heart.  This sends you spinning forwards, backwards, sideways and every other direction you can think of.  So much fun!

There are a couple of floors to explore with these type of activities and we were able to enjoy them for several hours.  Then we moved up to the top floor to play in the Lazer Works.  This was a huge laser tag area where we were able to play with tons of other people for a great game.

All of these things would have been above and beyond our expectations, but there was still more to add to the enjoyment.  The indoor ropes challenge, 4D XD simulator ride, and the Outta Control Magic Show are also available at Wonder Works.

We decided to go to the ropes challenge area, which is near the Lazer Works area, all aglow with black lights.  There are also arcade games to be played beneath the course.  Kids and adults alike can participate in the challenge.  Before you begin, they set you up to a harness and ropes that latch onto an intertwining system to let you hook into the course, safeguarding you from falling. From there, you are free to explore, climb, and have a blast!  My kids loved this course and spent a really long time playing on it.



We really enjoyed Wonder Works and all the fun attractions it had to offer. It was a terrific way to spend family time together, away from theme parks.  I highly recommend going here.  I just wish there was one nearby because we would come here all the time!  But, for sure, when we go back to visit Florida, we will be making a trip to Wonder Works!

*we were invited to visit to facilitate a review.  All opinions are my own.

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