We’re Going Back to the Future!

October 21, 2015. We’ve been gearing up for this day for a long time.  Comic Con got me very excited for it this year. What is so special about today? It is the day that Marty McFly goes back to the future!  Thirty years ago–yes, thirty!–I remember seeing it in the movie theaters thinking the future year they talked about was so far away. Oh, I was obsessed with this movie!  So much so that I sat down and wrote Michael J. Fox as soon as I got home from the theater telling him how much I loved him in the movie.  Believe it or not, he wrote me back fairly quickly with a ton of memorabilia from the movie and autographed photos of him (I just about died!).  Then I had the opportunity to go to my very first concert ever–Huey Lewis and the News.  Of course, the reason for going was to hear The Power of Love.  Those are great, wonderful memories that I have.  Here I am now, a mom to four kids, far away from the young girl I was when I first saw the movie.  And how exactly do I plan to spend this day?  Watching it in the movie theatre again with my kiddos!


My love for the movies must have rubbed off on my kids, as my son is also a huge fan of the Back to the Future movies.  He can’t wait to get dressed up in his gear to look like Marty McFly to go see it with me as soon as school is out today. But one day seeing the trilogy isn’t enough.  We want to make sure we have it on blu-ray to watch as a family again and again.

Back to the Future 30th Anniversary Trilogy

Lucky for us, the entire Back to the Future Trilogy has recently been released on a special edition Blu-ray! We received a copy of this classic collection of movies celebrating the 30th Anniversary and honestly, we can’t get enough of the movies!  So much fun to relive memories with the family and watch them learn a new appreciation for one of the greatest movies ever!  This is a must-have for every one’s movie collection!


You can pick up your own copy of the Back to the Future 30th Anniversary on Blu-ray online or in stores everywhere and celebrate this milestone at home with your own family.  It’s jam-packed with extra features and interviews that will take you back in time.


*product was received to facilitate a review, all opinions are my own.



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