Let’s Go to the Movies! #OscarsWithMoviePass

I love going to the movies.  But, I don’t love the cost.  Especially when I am taking my family with me.  It’s easily over $100 each time we go.  If a movie isn’t spectacular, then it feels like I threw that money away.  If the movie is great, it’s totally worth it, but it is so hit and miss, you really never know.  So when it comes time for the Oscars, chances are good I haven’t seen too many of the contenders.


I’ve recently discovered a new service called MoviePass.  What is it, you ask?

MoviePass is the only nationwide movie theater subscription service, allowing members to see a new, standard 2D movie every day in 95% of theaters nationwide for one monthly fee. There are no blackout dates like with some discounted ticket programs, so as soon as a movie hits the theaters, you can see it with MoviePass.

Oh, yes!  Sign me up!  So, I can see a movie every day of the month at my local theatre starting at just $30 a day?  I love it!

movie pass

MoviePass has a fun contest going that you will want to get in on!

The team at MoviePass is made up of movie diehards. We love that we make it easier for people like us to see more movies in theaters, and for the Academy Awards, the biggest movie event of the year, we’re going to be holding the ultimate Oscar pool to reward the biggest cinephiles out there. We’re calling it #OscarsWithMoviePass.

All you need to do to enter is fill out our official ballot (find it by scrolling down or clicking here) with your best predictions of who the final Oscar winners of 2016 will be. The person with the ballot closest to the winner list will win a FULL YEAR of MoviePass and all the movies in theaters they could ask for from 2016 and beyond. Runner-up will receive SIX MONTHS.

The ballot will be open for entries until 3pm EST on February 28th, then we will announce the winners on or before March 4th. The full rules are listed here. Good luck!

So visit MoviePass and see how easy it is to get started and how inexpensive it is to see all the new movies, in the actual theatre when they are new releases!


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