When planning our trip to London, we continually received feedback that the food was not anything to get excited about.  We are big foodies, so part of going on vacation is getting to experience new and delicious foods.  We were determined to find great restaurants despite all the negative comments we had received.

Let me tell you, it must have been a while ago when everyone went to visit London, as we hit the gold mine on trip.  The majority of restaurants we tried were exceptionally good.  Now, we weren’t going out to high end fancy meals every meal.  We were looking for good food that would fit the needs of our family (meaning good food the adults would love and the kids would be able to find something to eat).  We found so many great spots throughout the city and wanted to share a few with you!  We were able to have traditional British fare, French, Indian, Mexican, Korean, Japanese, Italian, Turkish, and even a British take on American food.  Here are some of the oh-so yummy spots we were big fans of during our visit.



Wahaca Southbank


Nicholson’s  Pubs

Byron Proper Hamburgers

Efe’s Turkish Restaurant




Absurd Bird 

Borough Market

Although, I don’t actually know the names of the vendors we tried at Borough Market, I absolutely loved everything I tasted.  But I didn’t get to try too much.  But doesn’t everything look amazing?!  I did try my new favorite food–raclettes.  This cheese vendor had a half a wheel of cheese under a flame.  The cheese bubbled and browned, softening to just the right consistency, then it would be scraped onto a plate of boiled and seasoned potatoes.  That is heaven on a plate, I tell you!

In addition to delicious melty cheese creations, you can find sweets, savory items, and even rare meats like Zebra, Kangaroo, and Camel!

After spending so much time in London, I think it is safe to say that you will be able to find a wide variety of delectable cuisines, treats, and delicacies and that it is definitely an outdated way of thinking that London doesn’t offer a ton of great food options.  Upon return to America, I find myself wishing I was back to keep eating the amazing meals I was able to try while there.