Can Flossing Be Fun?


When you think of flossing your child’s teeth, I’m sure you’re not thinking about how much fun you have when you do it.  Chances are good that it is just a big chore and one task that you probably don’t look forward to.  But, obviously, it’s an important one for health reasons.  You also want to create good habits while your children are young, so establishing a flossing routine is pretty crucial.  Plain and boring dental floss just doesn’t have much appeal, though, does it?  Thankfully, there is a great product available that might actually make flossing a bit more enticing for your kids.  Plackers, the makers of dental flossers and other oral hygiene products, has created a fun new product to get even the youngest of kids with teeth interested in starting new flossing habits.

I introduce to you Plackers Flossers!  These easy to grip (both sides of the handle offer great grip for little hands) flossers reduce tooth decay, promotes healthier gums, removes plaque and food, is BPA free, packs fluoride and even has a slightly sweet fruit smoothie swirl flavor that makes flossing even taste better!

Did you know that dentists say as soon as a child has just two teeth that are touching, parents are supposed to help them establish a daily flossing routine? These Plackers Flossers in Fruit Smoothie Swirl make it so much easier.  Check out this adorable  container to house them in!



Setting one of these cute monkey holders filled with up to 30 Flossers out in the bathroom makes flossing seem attractive and fun and helps establish great dental habits.  Kids will want to remember to floss! They are so easy to use and there is no breaking or fraying like you can get when flossing with regular floss.


Just open up the mouth to the monkey and voila, little hands can easily access the Flossers.  Kids of all ages will enjoy making this a part of their brushing routine.


When you have used all of the Flossers, just buy a replacement bag and fill the monkey back up.  Easy!  You can purchase a Plackers Flosser Friend and Flosser packs at major retailers like Target or even online. Want to know more about Plackers Flossers?  Visit their Facebook page for info and dental health tips for those pearly whites of yours!

Right now, Plackers Flossers and The Mommy Avenger are giving away your very own Plackers Flosser Friend to help you encourage flossing with your kids.  To enter to win, simply email me at with Flossers in the subject line.  A winner will be picked at random on or about April 30, 2016 and notified by email.  Good luck!

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