The London Dungeon

While we were in London, it was a lot of fun learning the history of the city.  Not all history is pleasant though, but it sure is interesting!  We got to see just how dark and fascinating London’s past got while exploring The London Dungeon*.


The London Dungeon is housed inside County Hall, alongside Shrek Adventure, SeaLife London Aquarium, and the Coca-Cola London Eye.  Outside the doors you find yourself looking out onto the River Thames and have a gorgeous view of Big Ben and Parliament.  It is a great area to spend the day!




Immediately upon entering The London Dungeon, you are transported to a world much different from the one we live in.  Dark, dreary and unnerving, we are brought to a passage way with live rats (don’t worry, they are in an enclosed glass case) and you can start to imagine London hundreds of years ago.

All of the 18 interactive shows at the Dungeon are based on real historical moments in the history of the city spanning the last 1000 years.  Live actors and special effects make these segments thrilling and fascinating.  We learned so much!  Features on torture, with some demonstrations made us cringe! We loved meeting Mrs. Lovett and learning about her “meat” pies and afterwards being escorted into Sweeney Todd’s barber shop for a shave.  Walking the Whitechapel Labyrinth through the late 1800’s was eery as we learned about  the terror Jack the Ripper inflicted on the locals. Walking through the city during the Plague was disconcerting, as we saw a glimpse into what life would be like at that time. There is so much more and each area and story is fascinating.  Each area is so detailed and you find yourself totally enthralled in what is to take place.  There are even rides to go on!

I know so many people recommended spending time in the various museums, and there is certainly value to those museums, but I am so glad we chose to spend our afternoon exploring the darker side of London at The London Dungeon instead.  We learned so much, were thoroughly entertained, and we had a fantastic time during the 90 minute experience.  At the end of the attraction, we were even led into a tavern where everyone could receive a free drink–a beer, a coke slushy or apple juice.  I tried the slushy coke and it was great!  The London Dungeon was a definite highlight of all the spots were visited and I highly recommend it to you.  You will love it!

Learn more about The London Dungeon and plan your visit by checking out their website.  Don’t miss out on this first-rate London attraction!


*we were invited to visit the facility to facilitate a review.  All opinions are my own.

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