Xfinity Revamped #ad


Wow, Xfinity has a lot more to offer families than I knew! A big thanks to them for partnering with me to bring you this post. #XfinityMoms  

I’ve been a customer of Comcast for quite some time.  I can’t say that it’s always been a happy relationship–at all, actually!  I’ve gone with them because they were the lesser of two evils in my area, and sometimes they were the cause of a lot of frustration.  Ever had a problem with them?  You might  be familiar with the call center that would route you to another country  after being on hold forever, only to deal with someone that you could barely understand and hang up the phone with little to no solution to the problem you were calling about.  Not what I consider great customer service, by any means.

If you’ve been paying attention, though, you might have seen that Comcast has gotten a bit of a makeover.  A long awaited, well deserved and much appreciated revamp.  Why is that?  Comcast has heard the complaints and the feedback of their customersTo start,  and decided to make a change.  We applaud you for that, Comcast!



I was invited to get a sneak peek into the new world of Xfinity by Comcast last week and to take part with a special group of #XfinityMoms outside of Philadelphia, at the new Willow Grove Xfinity store.  Given the history and experience with the company myself, I wasn’t expecting to be impressed, honestly.  It would take a lot to change my mind about their company.


To start, they have created a new store front to allow customers to come in, pay their bills, change services, and preview new products and services.  We were able to visit one of these store fronts and it was, despite my prejudices, quite impressive, actually.  Roomy, bright, with places to sit and learn about the new technologies offered, these stores have the customer’s comfort and time in mind.  Customer service here is exceptional, with very little wait time.  You can check in when you arrive and are served within minutes.  The staff is very knowledgable and were able to answer every question you would need to ask.


We had the opportunity to learn about the new X1 format for cable, which I love!  Voice controlled remotes enable you to search for whatever you would like in the system.  Have a favorite actress?  Speak into the remote.  I wanted to know what Kate Winslet would bring up.  It brought up her biography and several of her movies that I could watch right then and there.  I could even hit the record button and it would automatically record all shows with her in it, if I wanted!


My favorite thing to do with the voice command is to quote a line from a movie.  Believe it or not, it will find the movie for you!  “Life is like a box of chocolates…” quickly brought up Forest Gump.   Such a cool, innovative feature!

There is a huge selection of programming to choose from on X1, which brings up some security concerns for younger audiences.  Parental controls are amazing on this platform, as you can block both kids and teens (or anyone for that matter) from viewing what you find to be inappropriate content.  Teens can’t override the system either by resetting the box, as your code would still be needed to enter to view all content.  Xfinity works together with Common Sense Media to inform customers of ratings and reviews to help parents determine what is appropriate for their families. Another feature I quite liked was Kids Zone, an area that was secure and safe for little ones.  They can explore to their hearts content, and all of it is ok for them.


Not only can you have great options on your TV, but you can also use the Xfinity apps to download or live stream shows on your devices, or vice versa, bring your Facebook page to the big screen.  You can DVR up to 6 programs at once, too!  On a trip?  Just download your DVR playlist before you go and you are set for entertainment while traveling.



In addition to TV, internet and phone services, Xfinity is also offering home security through Xfinity Home.  If you already have an existing home security system, they can consolidate your services and bring you over to Xfinity.  What’s so great about Xfinity Home?  24/7 professional security monitoring to start.  You can arm and disarm remotely.  You can use your mobile devices to access your account to manage.  Live video monitoring allows you to see what is happening in your home while you are away.  You can control your thermostat settings while you are away, too.  You can even regulate your lights and heating to adjust at certain times of the day to meet your schedule.

So, I am really happy that I took the time to come and see for myself the new things that Xfinity has going on.  I was able to see first hand that they took their customer complaints seriously.  Did you know that they have now taken back outsourced positions to employ local people instead?  Shorter waits, true appointments or you get a credit to your bill (gone are the days of the 8 hour appointment–hallelujah!), better services, and innovative technology make for a much more pleasurable experience, and one that you feel good about using.  Now that I have learned so much about Xfinity and gotten to explore their services for myself at home and can see the positive changes, I am now a happy customer and will continue to use them in the future.  Check out the changes for yourself by visiting a regional Xfinity Store in person!

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